A Nation of Ignorant Ingrates

November 17, 2023

Many Americans today indulge in self-flagellation, not only beating themselves with psychological barbed chains, but decrying and maligning the very nation of their birth. They side with our enemies and sympathize with those who would destroy the United States of America. In my lengthy lifetime, I have never envisioned the idea that our own citizens would hate this country, but I have, unavoidably, recently come to that conclusion. I am perplexed and living with the fearsome thought that it may be too late to salvage the ruins of what is left of our once-great republic. Too many citizens are slowly accepting as the norm the claim that our nation is too flawed to continue in its present form. We have become a nation of ignorant ingrates who know nothing of the founding of America and have never learned of the sacrifices Many have made to preserve the freedoms, which they now enjoy.

Our colleges and public schools have become seedbeds of discontent and disloyalty. Brainwashing of our young people begins in pre-school with Critical Race Theory and continues through high school and college with the insidious teachings of Alinsky, Karl Marx, and Mao Zedong. Their ideas are imbedded in most TV commercials, movies, and the utterances of the socialist generation now in government and institutions of learning where they propagandize the lost generations of today.

A document written by Saudi-born terrorist, Osama bin Laden, 21 years ago, in which he attempted to justify the massacres of September 11, 2001, was widely distributed on Tik Tok and other social media yesterday. Many young people, bolstered by the approval of the left, are eagerly promulgating Bin Laden’s letter, and many are accepting the murder of more than 3,000 Americans on that day as justified.

That letter was largely rejected by Americans in 2002, but today’s ungrateful and unpatriotic “sophisticates” claim to have found truth in the words of the al-Qaeda founder. They openly support the murderous attack on innocent Israeli civilians by blaming Israel and the United States for fomenting conditions, which justify the Hamas incursion and massacre of Israelis.  By their reasoning, future attacks by Islamic terrorists on their own nation are deserved.

I am sick of hearing how bright, how well informed our recent generations of Americans are. These assertions are without basis. Most empty-headed youth know nothing important, and they believe they are too bright to learn from their predecessors or from history. I doubt that they know what a republic is, or that they can name the three branches of government. They are unable to see beyond the text messages on their cell phones. But the damage they are doing will eventually lead to their own destruction and the destruction of our nation unless we recognize the threats their ignorance imposes. Let’s pray we have not waited too late.



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