A Taste of Socialism

May 6, 2022

I noted this morning that one McDonalds restaurant is offering a $500 hiring bonus for new hires. All over this country, “now hiring” signs are posted. Locally, nearly every restaurant and store are attempting to hire people. It is a sign of our times. What we are experiencing is a little taste of socialism and a larger indication of things to come unless we get our economy back on course. Why should people work when there are so many government handouts available to them now? And we hear talk of another stimulus package being advocated by the democrats and hapless Joe Biden, all designed to buy votes.

When the government creates money out of thin air, it dilutes the value of our money in the bank or in our pockets, taking more and more dollars to purchase essential goods. All of us can see the effects of the government giveaways every time we fill our automobile tanks or purchase a pound of hotdogs. You might believe someone in the Biden administration observed what has happened to the Venezuelan economy or can recall the destruction of a country called Zimbabwe, once prosperous as Rhodesia. Shortly after Robert Mugabe turned the country into a socialist state, a wheelbarrow full of money was required to buy a loaf of bread. The way the Biden gang is headed, Americans will be hard pressed to afford the wheelbarrow.

We have had a small taste of socialism, and it doesn’t taste very good. It is time to spit it out and return to the capitalistic principles that made this country great and led the world to prosperity. We can start by ensuring a landslide defeat of the democrats this fall and in 2024.

One response to “A Taste of Socialism”

  1. VinDetta Fleming says:

    I never thought Biden would have stayed in this long…doesn’t have the sense God gave a crippled goose!
    You are absolutely right…. Why work when you can get your monthly infusion without even being stuck…
    Thank you for your frank honesty! Hard to find anyone with the guts to speak the truth!
    Keep up the good work Patriot Bugler!🇺🇸🇺🇸

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