Another Raw Deal for Police Officers

July 23, 2022

Two police officers already have been unfairly convicted and sentenced to prison for attempting to arrest a thug and habitual criminal by the name of George Floyd. Derek Chauvin, whose life has been wrecked for trying to do his duty, is serving 22 and 1/2 years, and Thomas Lane has been sentenced to 2 and 1/2 years. Now two other Minneapolis former officers await sentences for allegedly violating Floyd’s civil rights because they failed to provide medical aid to Floyd. Kangaroo courts, which in this day and age, care more about coddling criminals than the police officers who put their lives on the line for us every day convicted them in order to appease the left-wing mobs.

Floyd had a criminal record longer than his leg. An independent autopsy determined that he was high on drugs, which probably contributed to his death. In the Chauvin trial, a member of BLM was allowed on the jury. Chauvin’s conviction was inevitable with Joe Biden and Merrick Garland howling for his hide and a jury of Minneapolis liberals tying the hangman’s knot. The former officer’s conviction of murder is not enough skin; the federal government, under Garland, is coming after him again for civil rights violations. The other three officers just happened to be in the vicinity of Floyd when the thug breathed his last breath. One of them is in prison, the other two will soon join him. No one gives a damn about the families of these officers, but Floyd’s family received twenty-seven million dollars from the taxpayers of Minneapolis. They buried the petty criminal and thug in a gold casket and prayed him right into heaven. Now they are all spending taxpayer money and living on the East Side. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

George Floyd has been elevated to Sainthood, while four police officers’ lives have been destroyed. They have been offered up as sacrificial lambs to the Woke left. But the destruction of their lives will not be enough for the left-wing, anti-police, anti-American left. None of the officers deserve to be imprisoned. It is another raw deal for officers.

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