Barck Obama – A Prancing Peacock

November 6, 2022

Barack Hussein Obama is a prancing peacock. He fans his tail feathers and struts on stage believing that the garbage that spews from his mouth is worth listening to. I think most of us know that peacocks are part of the family of dumbest birds on earth, part of the turkey family. That is not to say Obama is dumb; it’s just that he doesn’t know a damn thing. But the democrats, who are fearing a calamity in next week’s midterm elections have polished up his tail feathers and sent this strutting peacock into our living rooms. If you expect to hear anything that is true or worth knowing, you will be disappointed with his gobble, gobble, gobble.

If you will remember, Obama’s mantra during the 2008 election was “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”, the second coming of Jesus Christ under a Muslim banner. We should have known that this pretender, whose father and mother were devout communists would lay the foundation for the internal destruction of the United States. If you want to know something about Barack Hussein, read Saul Alinsky or Obama’s own book, Dreams from My Father, or retread some of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright sermons, which Obama denied hearing even though he faithfully attended the reverend’s church (only to polish his credentials as a “Christian” and enhance his political objectives). And don’t forget the darling of the ladies’ magazines for nearly eight years, Michelle Obama, who unabashedly spread her hatred for America while getting a free education at Princton and Harvard and after becoming First Lady.

Nevertheless, even with all this anti-American baggage, Barack jogs up to the stage in his usual style, with his hands bobbing up and down, just knowing that those in his small audience and on television are waiting with bated breath for him to spit out his wisdom. If you count yourself among these Wokers, you may wait a long, long time to hear something worth remembering. Nothing of value will come out of the mouth of this narcissistic preening peacock that is true or worth remembering. This is the same peacock, who, when he had an opportunity to enhance race relations, instead, set them back for more than half a century. This is the peacock, who, with his hatchet man, Erich Holder, denigrated, criticized, and criminalized our men and women in blue, turning our streets into havens for thugs and drug dealers that are rampaging and ravaging our streets and citizens today. This is the peacock that made heroes out of thugs and criminals such as George Floyd and helped put police who were simply attempting to arrest a hoodlum in jail for the duration of their young lives.

Democrats may be pleased as punch to see this prancing peacock and hear his putrid palp. He will not persuade anyone who understands that Joe Biden and his den of dimwits have mucked up America worse than the Japanese on December 7, 1941.  My suggestion is that this peacock go back to roost at his Martha’s Vinyard aviary and save us from his meaningless diatribes.

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