Biden Keeps Lying–Our Nation Keeps Dying

April 6, 2023

Biden Keeps Lying—Our Nation Keeps Dying

While a CCP balloon meandered across the United States collecting military intelligence, the feckless Joe Biden kept lying. He told the American public multiple times the balloon had no intelligence gathering capability. Now the Biden bunglers are forced to admit he lied. Perhaps he did, or perhaps he is just too dumb to know any better.

It is no secret that the Chinese military are on the verge, if they have not already done so, to surpass the U.S. military capabilities. They already have twice the number of ships of the U.S. Navy. They are on the verge of surpassing the number of aircraft in all branches of this country. They have two million personnel in uniform. Our recruiters cannot find enough bodies (even the fat and ignorant) to fill the vacancies left by those discharged for refusing to take COVID shots. The Chinese have massive manufacturing capabilities while we manufacture rubber bands. Our military is undoubtedly behind that of the Chinese. We must hope that the CCP are overestimating our military readiness and doubt they can defeat us. Otherwise, if they decided to take Taiwan now, we would be fools to attempt to stop them, especially when we have a decrepit old idiot as Commander-in-Chief.

While we are busy indoctrinating our military personnel with CRT, transgenderism, and anti-white propaganda, the CCP are preparing for war. Our military have declared that the greatest threat to our nation is Climate Change. Our planes were once flown by aces. Our ships were once commanded by the brightest and best. Now our planes are flown, and our ships are driven by the Wokest and the Weirdest. But fear not, for if the Chinese should attack us, we can respond with the correct pronouns. That should scare the hell out of the CCP.

Make no mistake about it, this country is in deep trouble militarily. But you will never hear the truth from Biden or the left-wing Woke press. Our nation is dying, and Biden keeps lying. Who knows when the Chinese might wake up to our real military capabilities and send a nuclear missile flying our way.

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