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January 23, 2022

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We Have a Right to Know

Who Is in Control in Biden’s Administration?

These are not only crucial times for America; these are perilous times, and we have a right to know who is running our country. One thing for certain, it is not hapless Joe Biden. The babbling fool we saw in a news conference two days ago doesn’t even know where he is. It makes you wonder who helped him get dressed and tie his shoes before he took to the microphone.

With Russia testing our metal and resolve in Eastern Europe and China intruding into Taiwan airspace, making threats not seen since 1949 when the Nationalist Chinese fled the mainland, we have an incoherent babbling fool at the helm of the ship of state. He is not even vaguely aware of the damage he has done to this country during the past twelve months. Our sovereignty has been surrendered to the drug lords, flesh peddlers, criminal gangs, and illegal aliens swarming across the southern border. Our economy, especially the oil industry has been crippled. Inflation is soaring. Grocery shelves are empty. Employers cannot hire workers because the government is handing out money to free loaders like Halloween candy. Our streets have been taken over by murderers and marauding gangs of thieves. Our armed forces are led by a collection of sycophantic WOKE ass-kissers, hellbent on turning our warriors into a collection of emasculated panty-waist misfits. There is a hell of a lot more I could say, but you get the idea.

Regardless of what Russia does on its southwestern border, and even though we know they are a nuclear power, Russia is not likely to surreptitiously attack the United States. Conversely, China is threatening us economically and militarily world-wide, claiming the Taiwan Straits, and almost daring us to take a stand with Taiwan. China, Russia, and the rest of the world are watching America’s crumbling economy and dysfunctional military, more concerned with CRT than military readiness. Our country has not been more ill-prepared for a confrontation in the past eighty years, and certainly is not ready or capable of responding to aggression simultaneously in the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and in the Black Sea.

These are dangerous times. Americans have every reason to be living in fear. We are led by a headless horseman, and we have no idea who is calling the shots, making decisions for all of us. Whomever makes up the cabal surrounding Joe Biden, we deserve to know who they are. Who would decide to respond to a Chinese or Russian launch of a nuclear weapon? Who controls the nuclear codes? Who is writing Joe’s speeches, which he can barely read after hours of preparation? Who is making the day-to-day decisions we must all live with? Don’t we have a right to know who is running this country?

In October 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered the worst of four strokes, leaving him disabled and unable to fulfill his presidential duties. He was kept hidden from the public until the end of his term. All information for the president was funneled through his wife, Edith, who carefully guarded Wilson’s fragile mental and physical condition. Consideration was given to having the Vice President assume presidential duties, but Edith and Wilson’s doctor were able to convince congress and the press that Wilson, despite his frail condition, was able to perform his presidential duties. However, today, we have no one to whom we can turn. Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings, and we know it might be easier to prop up Joe than to turn over the reins of government to this hairbrained cackler. How about Doctor Jill? Could she act in the same capacity as Edith Wilson? Perhaps if she could write a coherent sentence, we would have a little faith in her, but there’s no chance of that.

You will hear no reassuring words in this article. The sad fact is that this country is in such dire straits, with incompetents and misfits at every level of the federal government. We cannot continue for long hoping things will get better, not with the zoo at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Pentagon. It would be comforting to think differently, to believe there is someone in this fascist, left-wing, autocracy that can help steer the ship of state to a safe port, but don’t count on it. We may never be told which unelected bumblers are really in charge, but we have a right to know.


Can You Believe It?

People Still Defend Biden and

I begin this week’s blog with a letter I wrote to The Dahlonega Nugget, the local newspaper in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Since my letter could not exceed five hundred words, I did not explore the issues fully. Comments following the letter are more expansive.

January 16, 2021

To: The Dahlonega Nugget

Dear Editor:

My apologies to your readers for continually taking up space in your newspaper. I write to the editor because I am compelled to speak of the dangers to our liberties being imposed on a docile citizenry by the Biden administration and democrat governors. I am amazed that, given the pathetic performance of the conglomerate of misfits housed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., you have readers who in their letters to the editor, unabashedly, continue to support them. They cannot get far enough from their hatred for Trump or other republicans to see that the fascist policies of the Biden gang are endangering all of us. Two such letters in the Nugget this past week are perfect examples of what I am talking about.

One letter attacked the so-called “Right Wing Media”, particularly Fox News and Tucker Carlson. The letter contains absurd allegations concerning COVID statistics and alleging that Carlson is or will be responsible for the deaths of many Americans because of statements he made about COVID vaccinations. The writer also takes some hard pokes at Governor Kemp and asserts that his policies have caused unnecessary deaths in the state of Georgia. I believe the governor has done a reasonable job for this state, keeping small businesses open and managing Georgia’s economy as well as any governor in the country. His policies regarding face masks have not been burdensome or arbitrary like those of Joe Biden and many blue-state governors.

I watch Tucker Carlson on a regular basis, and I have never heard him tell anyone not to get a vaccination. Like Tucker, I have had my vaccinations, including a booster, but I would not presume to judge anyone else because they prefer not to be vaccinated. The data (which are so often contrived and manipulated) show that the vaccinations do not prevent infection.  I do not attempt to keep track of the changing statistics, but as I write this letter, more than 850,000 total deaths, attributed to COVID, have occurred since January of 2020; approximately 425,000 have occurred since Biden assumed office and after the vaccinations were available to everyone. One other statistic worth mentioning is that more young children die from the vaccination than from the disease. Tucker Carlson is right to point out such problems and more, letting the public decide whether to be vaccinated.

The other letter to which I refer rants about “Jim Crow” and voting rights. Perhaps, the lady is not old enough to remember Jim Crow and the ordeals facing civil rights proponents. Let us recognize that atrocities happened in our past, but we have made so many strides in the right direction. All U.S. citizens of voting age have the right to vote. With all the allegations to the contrary, and the handwringing by the race-baiters on the left, I see no evidence of potential voters being denied the right to vote. If the lady has evidence let all of us see it.

Travis Short

Additional Commentary:

I am amazed that, after a year of Biden failures and destructive policies, we still have people in this country who will defend the stumbling, bumbling, disoriented, race-baiting, incompetent, malevolent, divisive, petty, old geezer occasionally taking up space in the White House.  But we do, as evidenced by the following comments:

We must give the writer of the first letter an “A” for audacity, alleging “Right-Wing” media. The gentleman, no doubt, is akin to Rip Van Winkle, having been asleep for the past twenty years. He has not yet awakened to the bigotry and propaganda that has come from the leftist press since the days of President Ronald Reagan, nor has he admitted that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and the socialist controlled social media got Biden into office. Only now, have some of these propagandists apologetically levied a modicum of criticism against the incompetents of the Biden administration as they lead our nation down the road to destruction.   The poor ignoramus who wrote the letter also dared defend Doctor Fauci, the little fraud who made millions from China and funded the development of the Covid Virus now plaguing America. This just shows how uninformed the letter writer is to allege that we have a “Right-Wing” media.

The second letter bemoans the fact that republicans are opposed to the so called “Voting Rights Act”. In truth, the proposed act is designed to give the democrats perpetual power and make certain the republicans never win another nationwide election. As I stated in my letter to the editor, I defy the writer and other proponents of this unconstitutional bill to put forth proof of anyone, especially Black people, being denied the right to vote. It is imperative that we can have faith that our elections are sacrosanct, that only eligible voters are allowed to vote, and that they vote only once. The presidential election of 2020 was fraught with illegalities; so, many states have taken steps to ensure that only eligible citizens can vote. Since our southern border continues to be invaded by illegals from around the world, these measures are more necessary than ever. Denying same-day registration and requiring photo identification are reasonable measures, applicable to everyone without prejudice. The provision in the proposed bill that would allow the federal government to establish voting regulations is against the constitution; if we had reliable Supreme Court judges in the persons of Kavanaugh and Roberts, we could expect States Rights to be defended. Sadly, that is not the case; so, the republican members of the Senate must ensure the “Voting Rights Act” is not passed.


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