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January 6, 2022

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Biden the Divider

I wrote this blog yesterday, anticipating what Joe Biden might say in his speech scheduled for today. Although Braindead Biden and VP, Cackling Kamala, spouted their blather on TV this morning, I decided to go ahead with this prepared article. As you will see, I anticipated most of what Biden, The Peacemaker, had to say. The speech gave us reassurances that the man with the withered brain is doing his best to bring us all together—after all, isn’t that what he promised? Having to watch that man and listen to Kamala is akin to suffering from jock itch.

If you can bear it, take another look at the video of Biden’s inaugural address and listen to his insincere babble about uniting the peoples of this nation. Although we know it was written by someone else and we know that Biden is a puppet on very short strings, nevertheless, in that speech, he promised to bring the country together. He did this while he, his VP and many members of his party cheered on the hoodlums, thugs, thieves, vandals, and murderers who destroyed our cities, shot our police officers, flagrantly robbed small businesses, attacked innocent victims on our streets, burned federal buildings, and denigrated our flag and our American ideals. Although he had problems pronouncing the word “united”, he promised to end animosities between our two major political parties and promote racial harmony. He has done nothing to carry out the promises he made. Instead, he has used every device and opportunity at his command to divide our nation, especially along racial lines. He has abandoned his former stated positions on every issue that comes before him. He has proven himself to be an amalgamated liar with no principles or foundation.

Today, January 6th, Joe Biden will make a speech, written for him by his unscrupulous gang of misfits and liars, and he will, once again, decry the actions of a few misguided Americans who walked through the capitol building one year ago today. He will embellish his lies, by telling us this was an armed insurrection even though none of the people involved carried any weapons. He will heap praise upon the capitol police for their bravery even though most of them acted as tour guides, leading the protesters through the capitol building. He will lie about the death of three police officers whose ends came by way of natural causes or suicide, at home, long after the events at the capitol ended. He will liken the walk through the capitol building by citizens as devastating to America as the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. He will ignore the fact that those citizens own that building as much as any senator or house member.

While extolling the actions of capitol police, he will tell Americans that Officer Brian Sicknick was pummeled to death with a fire extinguisher even though Biden and his handlers know this is an outright lie. He will fail to mention the complicity of FBI officers who encouraged and urged the demonstrators to commit felony acts. He will not mention the Americans who are languishing in a Washington D.C. jail without the opportunity for bail and without charges, legal representation, or scheduled trial dates. While a farcical January 6th house committee puts on its show, they and Biden have shown no concern for their political prisoners. If Biden’s brain was not a dried-up sponge, he might realize he has an opportunity to show a modicum of statesmanship and really bring the nation together by pardoning the trespassers he and his party happily portray as insurrectionists. Instead, he has set loose his lapdog, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has authorized Stalin-like tactics, asking the American public to report anyone who might have used a cell phone inside or to call into Washington, D.C. on January 6th.  Merrick is the same unprincipled jerk who directed his FBI agents to investigate parents who do not wish to have their children brainwashed with CRT.

Biden has injected himself into our justice system, taking sides against white Americans in every prominent trial during the past year. He has done his utmost to tip the scales of justice to ensure an outcome favorable to his political positions. But what has this withered old fool had to say about the unwarranted death of Ashley Babbitt? He will mention her in his speech, but it will not be favorable or sympathetic. Her family will not collect millions of dollars even though she was more deserving than the thugs who have been killed by white officers. We know that she was unarmed. We know that officer Michael Byrd shot her without provocation or threat of bodily harm. We know that his identity was shielded by Biden and the democrat-socialist for nearly a year, probably because officer Byrd is black. We know the January 6th committee will not subpoena this officer to investigate the circumstances of Ashley Babbitt’s death. We know this officer will never be charged because of the color of his skin, unlike Kim Potter, who was unjustly convicted of Aggravated Manslaughter two weeks ago because she was white and the thug, she accidently killed in the line of duty was black. Undoubtedly, the jury’s decision was, to a large extent, made for fear of reprisal by street gangs led by BLM and Antifa. We might expect the president to speak against such “street justice”, but Biden has neither the good sense nor the courage.

We derive no pleasure from pointing out the infirmities of the befuddled old fool who will take to the microphone this evening and stumble his way through a speech he never wrote or understands. We hold responsible those who prop him up and fill his head with divisive ideas, which alienate and deprecate many Americans. This man has no policies of his own, shifting like a windsock with every alien socialist breeze. His handlers, no doubt, intend to hold onto power by passing programs that distribute money like green stamps. They are either ignorant of economics and the damage inflation and weakening of the dollar are doing to our economy and future generations, or they just don’t give a damn as long as they are able to hold onto power through this pathetic old man.

Joe Biden is less to blame for the situation in which he finds himself than his handlers, and his family, especially Jill Biden, his wife. Those closest to Joe were aware of his dementia and his inability to function as president. The press, in all its forms, must bear a major portion of blame. They shielded the old man, refusing to investigate or report on his mental condition. They withheld negative stories about Joe and about his unscrupulous criminal son, Hunter. The media did its utmost to ensure the defeat of Donald Trump, refusing to acknowledge irregularities in the voting schemes by democrat-socialists such as Stacey Abrams. This conglomerate of family, politicians, and left-wing media ensured that Biden would be declared the winner of the presidential election. These flagrant and biased actions by this unholy triumvirate laid the groundwork for the January 6th demonstrations.

But tonight, Joe Biden will attempt to put the January 6th mess in another perspective. He will ignore the injustices that made citizens go to their capitol to express their rightful indignation at the measures leading to Biden’s questionable election. Many Americans saw themselves as disenfranchised citizens; they still see themselves in that light today. And Biden will do nothing to allay such concerns. Instead, he (and his ghosts) will damn the participants as right-wing conspirators, white supremacists, and malcontents. The January 6th events give Biden and his leftists a cause celeb, of which they will not relinquish no matter how much damage its continual resurrection causes our country.

Biden will not take the opportunity tonight to be a statesman, He will continue being the petty little man he always has been. Even though, he has no ability to recognize the importance of his position and influence as president, his wife, Jill does. She could have saved our nation from international embarrassment by keeping Joe hidden in his basement in Delaware. However, let’s face it, the lady made it from baby-sitter to first lady, and that ain’t no easy achievement. It takes a lot of conniving.

So, knowing that we are in the hands of weasels, led by a demented old man, let’s get ready for Joe’s big moment tonight when he offers a scenario of events more dire than Pearl Harbor, the San Francisco earthquake, and Nine-Eleven. Get ready for a condemnation of half of America. But remember that the real reason for the speech tonight is to hide this administration’s enormous failures and the damage Biden and his gang continue to do to our country; this, while professing unity. America, watch and listen; you will hear nothing but vitriolic lies from Biden the Divider.



Contempt for Congress? You Bet  

A few days ago, a friend suggested my letters to our local editor give the impression that I am an angry man. I must have said something in those letters and in my weekly Blog to give that impression, and for that, I offer no apology. I am angry, damn well angry at what is happening to my country while a troop of clowns, a conglomerate of misfits, keep performing their juggling acts in the Whitehouse of the United States and in congress. You bet I am angry, and it is high time that more Americans who care about this country get off their duffs and start expressing their anger with the pathetic, worn out, decrepit old geezer who purports to be running this country, with his runaway inflation, the murder of our petroleum industry, the rampant illegal migration, the illogical and incoherent COVID policies, and unchecked crime in the streets of America. I have contempt for these idiots destroying my country, and I have contempt for the farcical fools running the House of Representatives and the Senate. In case I have left an impression to the contrary, allow me to reiterate, I am angry, damned angry.

Dirt poor? I have been there, with no idea where life was taking me or what I might become or accomplish in life. Privileged white? What in the hell are the Woke liberals talking about? The only privileges I have ever enjoyed are those I earned through hard work and taking advantages of opportunities the United States of America provided me. Being dirt poor is no excuse for wallowing in the mud and trying to deprive others of their rights and properties. If you are dirt poor, get off your behind and start shoveling in your own backyard.

I love this country, and I served her proudly for many years. I grew up in the U.S. Navy, having joined at the age of seventeen, a high school dropout. I learned to revere our flag. The playing of our national anthem always brings a lump to my throat. Nowhere in the world have so many people of all races, creeds, and religions been privileged to the freedoms and opportunities this country provides to all of us. Anyone who is willing to work, to aspire to something higher can succeed if they are willing to try. To see dissidents and malcontents attempt to destroy these freedoms, to spread propaganda and lies, to obliterate our freedom to think and speak the truth; these things anger me, just as they should anger every American. They should anger our demented president and socialistic democrat members of congress, but they do not. And for that, I am angry; for that I have contempt for congress, and I make no apologies.

The Congressional Committee “investigating” the January 6th stroll through the capital is gleefully handing out contempt charges and threatening members of congress and President Trump’s advisers . So far, they have charged Steve Bannon with contempt, and are threatening General Flynn, Mark Meadows, and others. This witch hunt, authorized by the wrinkled old bag from California, and chaired by wild-eyed Adam Schiff, a lying son-of-a-bitch who has no honor, who read false testimony into the congressional record concerning the impeachment of Trump. Schiff’s misguided and malicious lies in the impeachment hearings notwithstanding, he was recently caught changing the contents of a text message, entered as evidence in the January 6th “hearings”. Are Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff deserving of contempt? You bet, and let’s look at these and other “honorable” members of the January 6th witch hunt to see why we should hold all of them in contempt.

I trust that the readers are sufficiently aware of the way the January 6th committee was selected to comprehend my disgust and contempt. Madam Pelosi, who was still tipsy from chug-a-lugging a fifth of bourbon or scotch, decreed that the two members appointed by the Minority Leader were unacceptable for serving because they had political views that differed from those of The Speaker. Rather, she selected two republican apostates to represent the republicans. These two disgruntled backstabbers, Liz Cheney and Adam Kirzinger, the representative who cried during the second impeachment of Trump, hated the president. And their hatred for Trump was the qualifier for serving on the January 6th committee. No representation by anyone who failed to express hate for Trump was allowed on this biased and phony committee.

The remaining members, (all democrats), a group of nonentities who have never accomplished a notable or meaningful action while in congress, don’t deserve mentioning by name. They have never been heard of except in their congressional districts. Only Bennie Thompson of Mississippi may be familiar to the American voter. Thompson has been in congress long enough to grow like moss to his seat in the house, and he is about as effective as moss. He is a harmless old coot except when given authority on a committee such as the one “investigating” the January 6th event with an opportunity to demonstrate his hatred for President Trump.

Is it any wonder that Steve Bannon and others who are so intellectually superior to the crowd which is attempting to put them in jail for not bending to their will, are contemptuous? I stand with Bannon, Flynn, and Mark Meadows. And If I were brought before the collection of misfits on the January 6th committee, I would say, “I hold you in contempt, every pathetic one of you. Adam Schiff, you are a disgrace to congress; I have nothing but contempt for you. Nancy Pelosi, sober up; you are a malicious, vindictive old hag, and I have nothing but contempt for you.”

If this committee were interested in justice, it would investigate the maltreatment of the January 6th trespassers who are held in solitary confinement in Washington DC jails, without charges or the opportunity of bail, and without the right to a speedy trial. The condition of these political prisoners has been described as bleak, cruel, and dismal. The primary concern of the committee should be equitable treatment of these American citizens. I dare say their lives are as important as that of the thug, George Floyd, who has been venerated and elevated as a God to the left.


Contempt of congress? You bet, and for damn good reason.




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