Clown Fish Are Running the White House

May 11, 2022

I have been wondering what in the hell is going on in the White House. Biden’s new press secretary heightened my curiosity. Since she is a black lesbian, she meets all the requirements for positions in the Biden administration. Of course, I am only assuming she is a real woman. You never know these days. We have a breast-feeding male secretary of transportation and a bearded lady who wears a housedress when he/she is not parading around in a four-star admiral rig. But I have finally figured things out; these people are all part of a school of clownfish or bluehead wrasse. They might even be gobies. All can change their sexes at will. Clownfish are born male but can change to female. The bluehead wrasse can change from female to male. And the gobies? They can change back and forth as the situation warrants; I suppose they are truly bisexual just like the clownfish in the Whitehouse.

Having figured out the leadership situation for the nation, I now understand why and how Biden and his gang of misfits make decisions like the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the abandonment of a major airfield, numerous U.S. citizens and allies, and ninety-four billion dollars in equipment. His cancellation of pipelines and his southern border policies all make sense. Even his denials that his policies have destroyed the American economy are now entirely believable; it’s Putin’s fault. The reason I have come to these conclusions is that I understand Joe is not only “the big guy” in Hunter’s criminal enterprises, but he is also the big fish in the White House aquarium. The problem is that he is a bottom feeder and surfaces infrequently, always wondering what in the hell is going on above him. And, as we now know, he has only the other clownfish on which to rely.

Let’s erect a sign outside the White House that reads: Don’t Feed the Fish.


One response to “Clown Fish Are Running the White House”

  1. Donn McPherson says:

    “NO SIT R/R”! Ah Kain’t beleeb the fish bowl actually exists and very few of the clams that voted the “big fish” in are standing up to be acknowledged. I wouldn’t admit it either. d ps. Damn I went down to ck out the
    Southern Border and HAIL I was south of PERU and still couldn’t locate our boarder. Guess I’ll just hang out till Joey and Scamela show up!. Sheeee wishin they’d hurry up and bring lunch!!!

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