Democrats Lure Rabid Women to the Abortion Issue

October 8, 2022

The democrat party has accomplished nothing of which it can be proud in recent memory, especially the past two years under the Biden administration. So, it is betting on the issue of abortion to reel in the women’s votes, especially those of younger women who are vocal and extreme about the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which returned the issue of abortion to the states where it belongs. The democrats keep howling about a constitutional right to abortion when, in fact, there is no such right and no mention of abortion in the constitution. But Bidden and other democrat leaders, who have no regard for the truth or the duty of the Supreme Court to decide as it did, keep using the abortion issue in hopes that it will bring victory for democrats next month.

I am appalled at the hatred shown in the faces of young women, who have no understanding of the ruling they are demonstrating against, even to the point of threatening the lives of the judges who carried out their obligations in the Dobbs decision. These women are heartless in their rabidity regarding the unborn children whose lives they want the right to end even up to the point of birth at forty months after impregnation. They chant “my body, my decision”, ignoring the fact that two human beings are involved in their desire to end the life of one of them at any time during pregnancy. I would agree that there is a right to abortion, with limitations, but there is a point, of which I am not certain, that ending a pregnancy becomes nothing less than MURDER, especially abortion at birth.

Today, there is little excuse for an unwanted pregnancy. Birth control measures are readily available to all women, regardless of financial ability. Contraceptives for both men and women are effective and can be purchased at any drugstore and grocery outlet; they can be obtained for free at most county health centers. There is a morning-after birth control pill which will end an unwanted pregnancy before the fetus is formed. In short, there is little excuse for an unwanted pregnancy.

I have always viewed the woman as the nurturer, the one who brings tenderness to their children when they are hurt or hurting. If the rabid women protesting the sane abortion decision, ending Roe v. Wade is representative of the hearts of American women today, this country is in deep trouble. In fact, if these women are fighting for the right to tear the limbs from a baby and drag it from the womb or to stab the back of its neck with scissors after birth, there is no hope for this country we call America.

The democrats should hang their heads in shame for preying on the women of this country who do not understand the issue they are protesting. They will do anything to garner votes, even promote the killing of babies in the womb or on the birthing table.


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