Fire All the Woke Bastards

July 23, 2022

While the military has been busy ridding itself of those terrible people who refused to take the COVID shots, the armed forces has missed its recruiting goals by nearly fifty percent. Including the reserves and national guard, nearly 600,000 persons have left the service either voluntarily or on order. Now, the military is desperately exploring ways to keep its manning (if I am allowed to use that word) levels to meet minimum requirements. Only twenty-three percent of American males meeting age requirements qualify physically or mentally for service; they are overweight or otherwise not fit and are under educated. The military is considering recruiting foreigners for service and are offering large recruitment bonuses. Just what we need, an army of mercenaries, none of them with allegiance to this country.

So, what is the problem and what can we do about it? There are many factors, most of which are tied to the massive influx of money from the federal government, which cause massive inflation and encouraged people to leave the workforce and feed from the public trough. The military is feeling the same effects as merchants who cannot hire workers; people just don’t want to work even in the military. Another factor is the low esteem in which our military leaders are held. The numerous disasters under the Biden regime have diminished the respect and admiration Americans once held for them.

Our military academies are more concerned about teaching critical race theory and instilling Woke philosophies in future officers than teaching them warfare. Our services have forfeited military training for teaching the use of “correct” pronouns and the definition of “safe space”. The fact that these policies are well publicized should fill the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians with confidence that the U.S. cannot and will not respond promptly or with precision in the event of aggression by one or all of them.

In the short term, there is little, we, the people of this nation, can do. We are in the hands of fools in the White House and pompous ass-kissers in the pentagon. We must hope and believe we can survive until January 2025 when we can fire the Woke bastards in the pentagon and send Joe and Kamala packing. Maybe the next president can find a General Patton in our midst who will restore our military to its greatness.

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