August 7, 2023

Short and Not so Sweet? Not this post. What I have to say in this post is sweet music to my ears.  The unpatriotic bitches, the U.S. Women’s soccer team. was defeated over the weekend by Sweden. Hurrah! Hurrah!  Hurrah! And no one is crying about their demise. They proudly denigrate and malign the nation they are supposed to represent. I am happy they got their asses kicked. Only one other possible event could be as sweet, and that would be to learn that Brittney Griner, the dope-smoking, American-hating, female (I guess) basketball player was rearrested and imprisoned for life in Russia. Just the thought makes me almost as happy as the loss by the U.S. women’s soccer team.

2 responses to “Hurrah!”

  1. Gary B Hulsey says:

    Ditto, my good man, ditto! When I saw the announcement and picture which included the blue-haired US player, I was pleased, even overjoyed. I keep wondering – why don’t the America haters get the hell out of our country? Yeah, I know. They love the affluence and perks…and freedom of speech. To all knee-takers, get the hell out!

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