Keep Straight White Men in Russian Prisons

December 9, 2022

How about the straight white men being held in Russian prisons for much longer than Britney Griner: do they deserve the same consideration as she? Apparently not. It is obvious that brainless Biden and his misfits applied the same criteria for pursuing Griner’s release as they have for cabinet and supreme court appointments. The first requirement is to be gay or trans, the second is to be black, the third is to be a woman, and of course, it doesn’t hurt to be woke and hate your country as Britney Griner often stated she did. But I will bet you ten to one she will be happy to set foot on the soil of this terrible nation when she returns from captivity.

Meanwhile, marine veteran, Paul Whalen, and schoolteacher, Marc Fogel, languish in Russian labor camps. Whalen has been incarcerated for four years, Fogel, for more than one year.  They faced nebulous charges before their lengthy prison sentences were levied. Freedom for these two American citizens has not been pursued with the alacrity shown for Griner. Why not? The answer is obvious, they are white men, and Mr. Fogel, at age 61, may even be classified as an OLD WHITE MAN, the living breathing bane to humanity.

If Joe Biden and his cronies possessed an ounce of humanity, they would look no further than the Washington D.C. gulag where democrats are holding their political prisoners in conditions worse than those experienced by Griner. Biden’s humanity does not extend to those who disagree with him. He prefers the headlines, basking in the adoration of the gay and trans community. He could release all of the Washington D.C prisoners with a blanket pardon. Instead, he wants to grind their souls into the earth because they believe he and his followers stole a presidential election. Meanwhile, the political American prisoners in Washington and in Russia will continue to rot there because they fail to meet Joe’s criteria for freedom. First and foremost, you have to hate your country to qualify for freedom in Joe Biden’s America.

I just cannot wait to hear Britney Griner say how much she loves our country and appreciates the many opportunities it has provided her. I am sure she will do that real soon, aren’t you?


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