Le Bron James Whining Again

July 16, 2022

Le Bron James Is Whining Again

He could learn something from Tiger Woods

Billionaire, Le Bron James, who sold his soul to the Chinese and blasphemed his home country to hell and back, is whining again. This gargantuan, who probably would have been a member of a street gang if he had not been born a giant, has just labeled Bostonians as racists. This latest rant comes from one of the biggest bigots and racists in the country.

James is fortunate that he can hold a basketball upside-down in one hand and can travel the length of the basketball court in three leaps. He towers above the basket and can see the tops of the heads of shorter players while looking down through the basket. That makes him a genius and a god to be adored and heeded by us mere mortals, qualified to issue dictums and pass on his words of wisdoms for our edification and solace.

This ungrateful bastard is fortunate in so many ways, not only for his size, but for having been born in the greatest and freest nation in the world. He is fortunate, too, that fans of all races and stripes have supported him for his and those of other black players abilities on the basketball court.

Let’s contrast this whiner with the class act of Tiger Woods yesterday in Scotland as he was cheered and brought to tears by the support of fans, nearly all white, who recognized him for his great talents and humanity. Le Bron James has much to learn even this late in his career. he could start by emulating Tiger Woods.

One response to “Le Bron James Whining Again”

  1. D Mac says:

    As they say Boss Man. Ya kain’t fix stupid. And “ARROGANCE & PRIDE” IS A CLOSE 2/3!!!

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