Republicans Blow Another Election

December 8, 2022

You would think that the republican party would eventually get its act together, but the defeat of Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff election shows that it will not until we run the current leadership the hell out of Washington, D.C.  Of course, the republican leaders don’t deserve all the blame (just their fair share) because there is blame enough to go around. For instance, Lieutenant Governor Geoffrey Duncan, gave the democrats support by stating he could not vote for Herschel Walker. Even if Duncan did not vote for Warnock, he damaged the republican candidate by piling on.

Walker might have had some defects, but he is a decent man who loves this nation and did his best to prevent a democrat majority in the U.S. Senate. Counting independent commercials on his behalf plus millions of dollars from corporate and wealthy donors from outside Georgia, Warnock spent nearly $200Million on his campaign. He also had unchallenged support from the left-wing media who derided and criticized Herschel Walker who only spent something close to $50Million on his campaign. Where was the RNC? Where was Mitch McConnel? Where were the RNC ads telling the country what a hypocrite Raphael Warnock was? Why didn’t the RNC run the ad showing Warnock’s wife crying because he ran over her foot and abused her? Why wasn’t money spent on the ad with a dying Vince Dooley telling the world what a great guy Herschel Walker was?  These two ads should have been run around the clock every day. Why wasn’t the hypocrisy of Warnock exploited? This phony preacher is double dipping, getting a six-digit salary from his church plus over $7,000 per month for housing. He preaches on forgiveness and a belief in being saved while practicing condemnation of Herschel Walker. Warnock advocates abortion up to the day of delivery. With these factors in mind, it would have been easy to choose Walker over Warnock.

The RNC deserted Keri Lake, Adam Laxalt, and Dr. Oz. McConnel and other entrenched fogies did not seem to mind having the heretic Chuck Schumer leading the Senate and John Fetterman as a cohort. They might not mind the packing of the supreme court or having four more democrat senators to contend with when Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico become states, or having the filibuster rule done away with, but we true patriots do.

As for McConnel and his cronies, we will be watching closely when it comes time for you apostates to run for re-election. As for Georgia Lieutenant Governor, Duncan, I hope you have no aspirations to the governorship or other higher office. Georgia republicans will not forget the damage you did to Herschel, the state, and the nation.


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