Say It Ain’t So, Joe

August 4, 2022

Senator Joe Manchin’s perfidy, his betrayal of his West Virginia constituents and of most Americans across this land is reminiscent of the betrayal of the Chicago White Sox in the baseball World Series in 1919. Like the White Sox, who became known as the Black Sox after the betrayal of their fans, Joe Manchin has thrown the game for his own benefit, the nation and West Virginia be damned. Purportedly, a young fan approached star outfielder Shoeless Joe Jackson after the news of the team’s intentional losses, held onto Jackson’s shirt and pleaded with the words, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” Now, from those of us who believed Joe Manchin was a man of his word and would put the interests of our country above his and those of the democrat party, I offer those words of a young baseball fan of long ago: Say it ain’t  so, Joe.

But, of course, it is true because Joe Manchin has proven, once again, that he is just another opportunistic politician. We have no way of knowing what he was promised by Joe Biden or the slimy scumbag Chuck Schumer. Four years ago, I expected that West Virginians would not reelect Manchin to the senate because of his very liberal voting record. I later assumed that he survived that election because of his favorable tenure as governor of West Virginia for six years. When he took up the mantle in the senate, defying Schumer, vowing not to vote for more massive spending bills, especially those intended to be wasted on pie in the sky environmental schemes, he earned the respect and hopes of the nation. With run-away inflation due to freewheel printing by the federal bank and massive spending by the democrats, now is not the time to approve new spending or to increase the tax burden on Americans.

Joe Manchin still has time to withdraw his support from Schumer’s nightmarish schemes if Manchin can muster the backbone. If he does not, and eventually adds to this nation’s problems by voting for the proposed bill, he deserves to be defeated in his next quest for reelection. Anyone who tells Manchin, “Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say that you will stick by your guns and put our nation ahead of your politics,” will be wasting their time. It is time to put ‘Senator Kyrsten Sinema on the mound and keep the baseball out of Manchin’s hand; he can’t be trusted.

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