Slimy Joe Biden, Liar-in-Chief

March 8, 2023

It is difficult for me to imagine a time in the history of our nation when our federal government was populated by more ignorant, incompetent, and self-serving public officials than the present time. It starts with the slimiest of politicians, Joe Biden, and the most ignorant, Kamala Harris; it goes to the House and Senate, the secretaries of federal departments, especially the Department of Justice and FBI, down to the heads of bureaus and the blood-sucking federal employees. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves to realize such ignorance and corruption could now be running the government they founded to assure freedom for the citizens of the United States. Justice is not done by labelling that government “the swamp”; no; it is closer to a cesspool than anything else imaginable. It will not change until we rid Washington, D.C. of the human dung now taking up space in the White House and our federal agencies.

The plagiarist, Joe Biden, would not know the truth if it exploded in his wrinkled old ass. Dementia can be blamed for part of the lies and tall tales he spouts every day, but ignorance and outright dishonesty are the real driving forces of this pathetic excuse for a human being. He has never been accused of fomenting an original idea nor of honesty about anything, including his scumbag son, Hunter. It scares the hell out of me when I read that Joe Biden will probably run for re-election and, quite possibly, could win an election. The elections of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Kathy Hochul in New York, and Kathleen Hobbs in Arizona convince me such an outcome is possible.

Let’s trust that God has this country in his hands and will ensure that Joe Biden loses what is left of his dishonest dried-up brain before 2024. If this corrupt man is returned to the White House, it will surely portend the end of our nation. Of our 340,000,000 citizens, we can, undoubtedly, find someone more suited for the presidency than the Liar-in-Chief Joe Biden.



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