The Black Menace

August 16, 2022

Have you heard of the Black Menace? It is appropriately named, working openly to instill a form of CRT in every college and university in our nation. It began at Brigham Young University (BYU) and is being spread through social media, in particular TikTok. It’s pronounced aim is to gain control of every predominately white institution in the United States. It is quickly gaining support in many other nations, especially those that support turmoil in our country. NBC recently ran a favorable report on the Black Menace; makes you wonder how favorable NBC might view a “White Menace” or “Anti-Black Menace” campaign.

Of course, the main Black Menace claim is that racism is rampant at BYU and in all our schools, colleges, and universities as well as businesses across the country. It appears that white students at BYU are supporting, or at least are sympathetic to the movement. I have a nauseating suspicion that this movement bodes ill for the United States if unopposed. Having endured the destruction and deception by Black Lives Matter (BLM), I am most apprehensive and concerned. Perhaps, docile, well-meaning young whites feel righteous by having lent support to BLM, but in reality, they were deceived by the criminals who ran that organization. Those who will support Black Menace have learned nothing from the racism and deception of BLM. Those young whites may have no issue with being told to move aside for 15 percent of the population, but I do. Blacks have made great progress in this country, and that progress should continue, but not at the expense of whites or any other race.

We see examples of reverse racism every day. Many companies have published policies, in violation of civil rights laws, stating that white men need not apply. Just this week, the teachers in Minnesota were advised that when lay-offs are necessary, white teachers would be the first to go, regardless of seniority. If whites continue to act like the three monkeys, which see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing, we will lose everything we have worked for and defended with our blood for the past two hundred and fifty years. We cannot allow young whites with heads full of mush (as Rush Limbaugh said) to speak for us by their acquiescence to organizations such as Black Menace and Black Lives Matter. We must stand up for ourselves.  We can start by opposing the Black Menace.


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