We Must All Hang Together

August 10, 2022

I dedicate this poem, which is on the Home Page of this website, to President Donald J. Trump, a true patriot who loves this country as do I. We patriots must all stand with him at these perilous times. We can only hope that our external enemies do not overpower us before we can rid our nation of the unscrupulous internal enemies of freedom and liberty now controlling our government and restore our constitutional republic. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said, ” We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” We patriots will hang with Donald Trump.

Patriot Bugler

By: LCDR Travis E. Short, USN, Ret.

© October 2021

I am the patriot bugler,

Here  to sound the alarm,

To stand for America

Against those who do her harm.


I am the patriot bugler,

Hear my clarion call.

No longer will I be silent

And watch my great country fall.


I am the patriot bugler,

My notes are sound and clear.

They pierce the air with well-known truth

For all you to see and hear.


I am the patriot bugler,

Town crier on the square.

Today they come for men like me,

But tomorrow you beware.


I am the patriot bugler,

Making the heavens ring,

With praise for my America,

It’s the message that I bring.


I am the patriot bugler,

My voice will not be still;

If I die for America,

I will fall on freedom’s hill.






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