White Men Are Fair Game

July 13, 2022

The only species in this country that can be criticized, denigrated, hated, despised, and blamed for every social ill and problem is the white man. It seems that most people have been coward into silence when it comes to placing blame where it belongs and giving credit where it is due. In the past, I have written about the contributions of white men in this country, including our founders and warriors, who have kept us safe since the time of our revolution. Our white men have led the world in industry, inventions, innovations, and new technology generation after generation.  Yet, we bend over backwards to minimize their accomplishments while touting the contributions of other races, which pale in comparison to those of our white citizens.

I say these things, not because I am racist or because I don’t recognize that people of all races have contributed to this nation’s progress, but because it is well past time that white men stand up and declare that we have had enough of the Woke efforts to make us non-persons or to diminish our accomplishments. I have said in the past that it matters not how you gained citizenship in this nation. Whether your predecessors came to America, first-class, on an ocean liner or your great, great, great, great grandfather was dragged here by his penis, you are fortunate to live here in the greatest country in the world. So, quit mocking and maligning this nation. Stop picking at a racial sore that almost healed before Barack Obama opened the wound. The white men of today had nothing to do with the unfortunate aspects of our nation’s origins, and most of them have been instrumental correcting the ills of the past. We are tired of your mockery, your disdain, and your subtle threats to our liberty. Keep pushing and we damn well will push back.




2 responses to “White Men Are Fair Game”

  1. DONNIE MAC says:

    Not being flippant at any way!!! It’s real simple…”NO SIT RED RYDER”!!!

  2. Commodore Davy says:

    The racial divide is part of the HATE based dialogue to tear this nation down. No longer Land of the FREE and Home of the Brave. Land of Radicals and Home of the Haters. Unlawful acts and Disorder have replaced LAW and ORDER. Hate White Men. Hate the Police. Criminals are not held accountable. The shop owner who was being manhandled by a thug in NYC is being charged with Murder for self-defense. The thug
    almost kills the white shop owner the DA charges the shop owner who likely would have had his head beaten in had he not defended himself with murder. Many black citizens who are vets and Police do not support these racist acts of violence. Makes no difference.

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