Why Republicans Missed the Mark

November 28, 2022

The other day, over breakfast, a friend told me of an incident, which triggered my thinking about the mid-term elections and why republicans did not perform to expectations. I offer the argument that we are not tough enough, vicious enough, vengeful enough, and damn well not loud enough. We don’t fight back. We just allow liberals to peddle their garbage without any recourse or consequences. What have our mealy-mouthed republican leaders done to counter and disprove the fallacies spread by Biden and his gang of misfits? Why was Biden allowed to preempt television programs on two occasions to deliver political diatribes against American patriots without one word of protest from our republican congressional leaders? Why are American patriots still languishing in the Washington D.C. gulag without any expression of outrage, except for the efforts of Marjorie Taylor Greene who has more guts than any man in congress? When will our republican leaders learn that we will not win friends or influence anyone if we allow the liberal lies to go unchallenged?

The incident, told by my friend, concerned his routine recycling of waste materials.  His acquaintance was surprised to learn that my friend supported recycling. It should be no surprise that liberals have been made to believe republicans want dirty water, dirty air, and contaminated soil, and an end to Social Security and Medicare. They have been told we advocate voter suppression, that we are racists, and white supremacists, and far-right extremists, waiting to take over the government by force. Voters were told by Biden and his goons that republicans are poised to establish a dictatorship in our country–all unconscionable lies, most of which went unchallenged by our republican congressional leaders.

Is it any wonder the Red Sunami turned into a Pink Trickle? When we allow Biden to stand before a crimson red background, flanked by U.S. Marines, spout the lies of his handlers without being challenged, nothing less than half-hearted republican electorate turnout should have been expected. And certainly, we should not have anticipated a cross-over by democrat voters.

Until the current Senate and House leaders are replaced or they decide to grow a set of testicles, we will continue to have our derrieres handed to us on a platter at each election. It is not enough to expect the public to grow tired of bilious Biden until we republicans do something different. I am tired of jibber-jabber and big talk. It is time for action. If our current leadership cannot get the job done, we must find new leaders.



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  1. Commodore Davy says:

    Your comments are spot on. As long as we allow Democrats to lie, cheat, and steal our tax dollars with no push back to speak of, WE will lose. Despite the HIGHEST inflation in decades voters still voted to return these same DEMS back in office that support a WH that caused the inflation. 2 days in office Joe STOPS work on the KEYSTONE pipeline setting us back to relying on OPEC and Venezuela (our enemies to get oil). We were on the way to having oil independence AND a net exporter. Russia, being the largest exporter of oil to our European allies, took the opportunity to annex and invade Ukraine in large part because they could, and nobody will stop them.

    We are sending out taxpayer dollars to Ukraine to do what? We can support them and should have as soon as Putin raised his hand, and said I’m coming to take my land back. If NATO had supplied air support to knock out the Russian tanks and armaments lined up along the Ukrainian border the invasion could have been stopped. Too late now and JOE wants more taxpayer dollars thrown down a rat hole to give them more high-priced weaponry. CHINA is in lock down and claim it’s because of COVID. They are a nation of 1.5 billion and have 29,000 citizens test positive for covid. You do the math. China wants NO ONE out and about as they continue with the largest buildup of their Navy and Army in decades. They are getting ready for something big. Joe Biden also stopped work on THE WALL right after he stopped the pipeline which was 9 months from completion. The DEMOCRAT Inflation Reduction Act includes 87 million new IRS agents to do what? It also includes over 300 billion in climate change measures. Folks if you like watching your hard-earned money tossed down a rathole then keep voting Democrat. Didn’t our forefathers and mothers leave England and other countries in Europe to get away from a monocracy and a government telling them how to live? FREEDOM to live and worship as they wished was their reason for putting their lives at risk and sailing to a land unknown to them.

    Some in government want to take those freedoms away again, little by little. Thank our vets for doing their duty and DEFENDING our Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Tell me who the domestic enemies are. I guarantee you some of them took the same oath as the vets but forgot what it meant once they were elected to office. I met some voters and some were vets that were scared into voting DEMOCRAT because Joe Biden, Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Shumer told voters that IF you vote Republican, you will LOSE your SS and Medicare. Older folks without a job will lose their income and health care. The media promulgates these lies to cause FEAR and to intimidate voters. Then Joe offers a freebie in the amount of $10,000 ($20,000 if you got a PELL Grant) to Americans who still owe money to US, the taxpayers, for money they used to attend college.

    Patriot Bugler is RIGHT. The GOP is lacking in leaders to stand up and say enough is enough with this nonsense. Open borders with aliens bringing drugs to pay their way. I’ll close with this. Anything you hear from the left wing media and esp. from a Democrat politician is for one reason. To get your vote. Offer 10 million Americans still owing on their student loan a $10,000 freebie (paramount to buying VOTES); Lie and tell voters they will lose their SS and Medicare, scare them into voting against the Republicans; bring as many illegal aliens as possible into the USA and give them the right to vote. They are making promises using your money whether it be to forgive an obligation like a student loan or bringing more illegals into the US so they can vote…it’s all about getting your vote. Wake up GOP.

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