Worth Dying For

June 28, 2022

Forty-six illegal immigrants were found dead in a tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas last night. These people died attempting to steal their way into the United States, the best country ever created on this earth. They died while thousands of ungrateful citizens march through our streets demanding an end to our system of government, the same system that has created the greatest of all nations, the same system for which those illegal immigrants died while seeking an opportunity to live in. I am against illegal immigration, but still regret deeply that these people died while hoping for a better life in our country.

These riots are nothing more than total ignorance on display. I venture the opinion that the United States has the least informed electorate of any Western nation. The rioters are clueless about our constitution and our republican form of government. They have no idea that the purpose of the Supreme Court is to consider whether laws brought before them are in compliance with the provisions of the constitution, including the twenty-seven amendments thereto. I doubt that most of them can name the three branches of government, which they are so willing to dismantle.

While the left, represented by miscreants and misfits, has ravaged our streets, attacked our police, and damaged and defaced our federal buildings, Biden, Garland, Warren, and other democrats exacerbate and encourage their destruction. Garland is too busy confiscating the phones of republicans who failed to vote for Biden to give a damn what the Wokers and leftist destroy. These officials are as much to blame as the rioters whom they encourage by their misplaced rhetoric. They are assisting in the attempts to destroy the country for which the illegal immigrants are willing to die.


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  1. Mike Hoffman says:

    Well said. It is sad about 46. The officials are to blame.

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