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                                                     Patriots Stand Up for this Country.

                                     Stop Seeking the Approval of those Who Hate You

Before I address the controversial and crucial subjects in the following paragraphs, I must establish my bona fides for offering my opinions. I am not a white racist; I am not a white supremacist; I am not a homophobe. I am not a bigot. I am the great-grandfather of two wonderful half-black children and the father of a gay son, all of whom I dearly love and proudly hold out as mine. I have dear black friends and over the years, have served with many black sailors and officers in the U.S. Navy; all of them were shipmates, as were men of all races with whom I had the privilege to serve. I admire many of the black commentators and concerned Blacks who put their tranquility and safety on the line everyday by expressing love and support for our great country. I begrudge no citizen of this country the same opportunities that I and those close to me enjoy. This is a free country, and all citizens, regardless of race or sexual preference, deserve, and have the opportunity to succeed to the limits of their ability. They do not deserve special privileges because of race or sexual orientation or professed peculiarities.

Why are we allowing a small percentage of our population to change the greatest and freest nation in the history of mankind? We who love this country are bending over backwards not to offend the LGBQT community which represents less than 4 percent of our total population. We are cowering when Blacks   who comprise less than 13 percent of the population claim they built this country. We seem to accept without many qualms that almost fifty percent of Blacks   believe it is not alright to be white. Twenty-five percent of Blacks   are adamant in this opinion while twenty-two percent aren’t certain it is alright to be white.

When Scott Adams pointed out the survey that produced the foregoing results, he was hammered, shunned, smeared, and his comic strip, Dilbert, was dropped by one-hundred newspapers. Suppose the survey showed that nearly fifty percent of Whites  believed it was not alright to be black—what kind of reaction would we have seen from the left-wing newsrooms? What would Joy Reid have to say? How quickly would the race baiting Al Sharpton have been before a microphone decrying the White racists in this country? Our demented old fool we call president would have had a field day, once again telling Blacks   “They gonna put you all back in chains. “Just last week, a high school student was told she could not put:” all lives matter”: on the blackboard even though BLM posters and left-wing Woke propaganda are posted all over the school. I saw a video on the internet wherein four black students stood over two kneeling white students, whom they forced to say, “black lives matter.” But we cannot say “all lives matter.” They sure as hell do!  Students tailor their written work to suit the political preferences of their Woke teachers, and many teachers are afraid to state any opinion contrary to the progressive school administrators.

Listen up you dumb-ass Whites.  If you don’t start standing up for yourselves, you will be relegated to the scrapheap, a caste of untouchables. We Whites  do not seek advantages over any race but demand an even playing field. For too long we have run scared, bowing and scraping at every demand of minorities. We are for equality of opportunity, to hell with equity. To hell with reparations, which I will address in a separate post., I am a proud American, a white man who loves my country. More than that, I boldly declare I am even an old white man; too damn bad if you don’t approve of me.

Last week, I read an article in a Thy Blackman post asserting that Blacks were brought here in chains and that they “built this country,” an absurd and false claim. I would appreciate this editor pointing out to me what great industries, bridges, or buildings that were built by Blacks. Not the railway industry or intercontinental railway, not the steel industry, not the automobile industry, not the aircraft industry, not the shipbuilding industry, not the space system, not the Brooklyn Bridge, not the Golden Gate Bridge, not the Empire State Building or Chrysler Building, and certainly, not the White House as claimed by some Blacks. Admittedly, the builders of the White House used a few slaves for cutting stone. Either three or five slave carpenters (depending on records) were used in its construction. I note that the three most industrialized countries in Africa, South Africa, Kenya, and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) were founded and populated by Whites  ; once they were taken over by the native people, all three countries promptly when to hell. Apparently, all the talent from Africa was brought to America and, according to Thy Blackman, used to build this country.  Black slaves were overwhelmingly in the south and used for picking cotton and other crops, not unimportant tasks, but certainly not building this country.

I don’t envy any Blacks   who were held in slavery in these United States or any other country, even their own nation, whose leaders sold them into slavery. Abraham Lincoln said, As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This explains my idea of democracy. Slavery was a terrible institution, not just in this country but around the world. According to Henry Louis   Gates, a respected black historian., more than twelve million Africans were shipped to North and South America, including the Caribbean islands, with 10.5 million surviving the Atlantic crossing. Only 388,000 were shipped to North America. As unfortunate as these 388,000 souls were to be sold as slaves, their progeny is more prosperous and freer now than any other Blacks in the world, especially those of the other 10 million Africans who landed in the Caribbean and Central and South America. And even though, this country has spent more than $40 trillion in the past fifty-five years attempting to improve the lives of minorities, we Whites are blasphemed to hell, called White Racists and White Supremacists.  We will do no more. We will bend no more. We will wish you prosperity and goodwill, but don’t expect special treatment more than any other citizen of this great nation.

Listen white people. Stop the self-flagellation; stop seeking approval of minorities who denigrate and blame you for their ills; stand up for yourselves. We are superior in numbers. Why should we not feel good about that? We do not have to curry the favor of minorities. Stop apologizing for being White. Stand up for yourselves. Stand up for this country. Wish no citizen of our country ill will. Join hands when we can, but do not kneel and say “black lives matter”; of course, they do, but no more than yours or mine.








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