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Too Many Blacks in NFL ad NBA?

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Too Many Blacks in NFL and NBA?

Are there too many Blacks in the NFL and NBA. And why might that be? The answer is simple; Black players in general are bigger, faster, and better players than most Whites. They are there because of something called meritocracy; they are the best at their jobs.

These facts are indisputable. As of 2020, seventy percent of the NFL players were Black. In the NBA, eighty percent of players are Black. They did not acquire their contracts through equity or affirmative action, but because of their sizes and through challenging work and talent. I have no complaints about these facts and very little interest in either sport these days. Frankly, as a white man, I would like to see more white players, but fewer and fewer whites are measuring up to the physical attributes and talents of Black athletes.

The other day, I read something that has stuck in my craw. Some Woke idiot was complaining that the National Hockey League, NHL, is too White. Instead of letting it eat at me any longer, I decided to express my opinion in this blog. The same principles apply to the NHL that are relevant to the NBA and NFL. The NHL has attracted the most talented players, and most are White, as they should be. They are the best.

The rest of the country can learn much from the way players are hired in all these sports; only the best should be selected. That applies to the federal and local governments, colleges and universities, and private businesses. Race preferences should have no bearing on the process and the color of one’s skin or sexual orientation should not be any part of the determinative process. Not only will it give us the best and brightest where it matters most, but such racial considerations are against the law.

We should have learned something about the perils of dumbing down our society and schools because some people make no effort or are unable to meet the high standards that once prevailed in our schools, colleges, and universities. Our school children are woefully behind other nations in every subject, especially mathematics and science.

You used to hear it said, “The cream rises to the top.” Now, we adhere to the equity position of homogenization, diluting the cream of the crop. I say let’s get this country back to the principle of meritocracy. It is not only critical to our position as leaders of the free world, but also essential for our very survival as a nation. If it works in the NBA, NFL, and NHL, it will work for the remainder of the country as it once did.

We need to rid ourselves of Affirmative Action and all the other idiotic equity schemes now being forced upon us by the chief idiot, Joe Biden, and his gang of misfits.


Is It Too Late to Save America?

 I have serious doubts that America can survive two and one half more years under Joe Biden and his band of fools, bigots, tyrants, socialists, and other assorted misfits. Our nation is soaring out of control with more maladies than the left-wing democrats can count on their fingers and toes. There might be some hope if the left did not have complete control of the public forums, including TV, internet, major newspapers, and government agencies.

We Americans appear the least informed and uneducated people in the world. You need look no further than the current political polls (most of which you cannot trust) to understand just how uninformed or dumb we, as a people, are. Despite the worst inflation in more than forty years, the worst crime in our nation’s history, the invasion at our southern border by nations from around the world, outrageous raids and persecution by the jack-boot FBI, a flailing military under Generals Austen and Milley, a babbling fool as president, who doesn’t know where he is half the time, and much, much more. If, contrary to my proposition, Americans were well informed, Republicans would be leaving the democrats in the dust in every political poll, and eighty million people would not have voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as alleged. In a prior posting, I wrote that voters just cannot get enough of a bad thing. If the polls are accurate, that assertion is truer than ever. For example, it appears that half-witted John Fetterman, who cannot string two words together will be elected in Pennsylvania to the U.S. Senate, and Senators Mark Kelly and Raphael Warnock will be re-elected, their devout support of every Biden failure notwithstanding.

Patriotic Americans have lost access to the courts. Bought and sold district attorneys and judges keep throwing out their suits and issuing decisions favoring the left. Attorney General Merrick Garland, most unscrupulous man in the Biden gang of misfits and the most dangerous man in America, has authorized his henchman, Christopher Wray, and the FBI Gestapo to raid the homes of conservatives, take their computers and phones, and brand them as dangerous conspirators. Conservative patriots still languish in the gulags in Washington D.C. for the awful crime of walking on the lawn of their nation’s capitol. There is only one way to reverse the policies and actions of these bastards, and that is to vote the democrats out of office this November. Yet, the pools say most races are too close to call, confirming my statement that Americans are the least informed and uneducated people in the world.

I have been writing about the foregoing for at least a year. Most of the time, it appears to me that we have lost the America I love, the country for which I pledged my life during twenty-two years of military service. Seeing what is happening to my beloved country breaks my heart. Idiotic policies are being installed in all branches of our military. Last month, the Navy revealed a training video, which instructed sailors in the “proper” use of pronouns, requiring that such words as “he”, “she”, or “guys” not be used. The video advised sailors that the pronoun apropos to a person one day might not be correct the next day because people may change the gender with which they identify at their choosing. This training video was so ridiculous on its face that I assumed it would be laughed at and ignored by sensible and responsible officers. Not only was it not ridiculed, but was adopted instead by other branches of the military

We know that Critical Race Theory courses are taught at all our academies and that the use of gender- neutral pronouns are required. I was slapped in the face by an article I read this morning, which stated the Air Force Academy has banned the use of the words “mom” and “dad”. Even use of the ubiquitous, “guys” is discouraged. It appears to me that the government is seeking to banish any semblance of family from our military. I wonder how Gold Star moms will view this new government policy. They cannot be happy that their sons or daughters paid the ultimate price for a country that will no longer allow them to be called “mom”.

It may, indeed, be too late to save America. And there is one thing for certain: if we do not reverse the policies of the Biden misfits, our nation is doomed. We patriots must prevail in November midterms and in 2024.

 FBI – The American Gestapo

Who, in this country, would have believed ordinary American citizens would ever have reasons to fear the FBI? The answer to that proposition prior to Joe Biden’s presidency would have been “no one except criminals and subversives”. But under Biden, Merrick Garland, and Christopher Wray, the FBI have become the equivalent of goose-stepping brown shirts and Nazi S/S troops carrying out the will of the socialist misfits who prop up Joe Biden, shoot his ass full of drugs before each speech, and conceal the Biden crime syndicate treachery and treason. It is the same gestapo that has hunted down January 6th demonstrators for the past two years and throwing them into the Washington D.C. dungeons without bail, legal representation, medical care, or speedy trials as guaranteed by our constitution. It is the same FBI that shielded Hunter Biden’s computer from scrutiny and spread lies about Russian disinformation when the computer was brought to the attention of the public. It is the same FBI that hunted down and prosecuted two people who found the lurid diary of Joe Biden’s daughter in a halfway house where she had hidden it under a mattress while recovering from drug addiction. It is the same FBI that concocted the Russian hoax and hounded President Trump and his associates for six years. It is the same FBI that conducted an early morning raid on the Florida home of President Trump, taking his passport, documents subject to executive privilege, documents subject to client/attorney privilege, and many unclassified documents. No doubt, anyone who speaks out about the unscrupulous and autocratic governance by Biden and gang is putting themselves in harm’s-way and should be wary that the FBI, the American gestapo, may knock down their door on some early morning when they least expect it.

We have seen enough on television to know with certainty that the Biden family, including his brother, Jim, and his son, Hunter, have engaged in unethical business dealings with numerous international companies, including Chinese and Russian. We all know these countries have economic, industrial, and military interests counter to our own. We know that Joe Biden has continually lied about his participation and knowledge of the unscrupulous dealings of his family members, especially Hunter. We know that Joe Biden has been identified as the “big guy” who receives a ten percent cut from all his family’s overseas dealings. While spending untold assets to pursue alleged trespassers at the capitol on January 6th and harassing the hell out of Donald Trump and his associates, the American gestapo has never hinted at investigating crimes committed by Joe Biden and his family.

The Department of Justice, under the weasel, Merrick Garland, has become the equivalent of the Russian KGB, dedicated to protecting Biden and the democrats at all costs. This poor excuse for Attorney General has made it his priority to identify, track down and persecute anyone who might have supported Donald Trump or who is likely to object to the destruction of this nation’s institutions and freedoms under Biden and the democrats. We know that he has singled out parents who object to the sexualization and manipulation of school children. We know that anyone who identifies as a MAGA supporter is on Garland’s terrorist list. And we know that Christopher Wray, the lifelong federal employee and suck-ass will carry out the will of the Biden gang and Merrick Garland.

The FBI not only hid the Hunter Biden computer with its sordid records, but it also instructed social media heads not to acknowledge the existence or content of the computer. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the FBI requested Facebook not to allow information concerning the computer on its site. Other tech heads cooperated, refusing to carry, information concerning the computer. When the New York Post released its story, Biden’s handlers, working with the FBI, relied on the false claims of the intelligence community, denying the legitimacy of the story. With Biden hiding in his basement prior to the 2020 election, he did not have to answer questions regarding his sons sexual and drug addictions or questionable foreign business dealings or Biden’s own knowledge and participation in those dealings. After bumbling Joe’s election, the FBI continued to resist any efforts by conservatives to get to the bottom of the story. The DOJ and FBI are still protecting the Biden crime syndicate. While they have continued to keep political prisoners, without trials, and in some case without formal charges, they have not moved to examine the unscrupulous dealings of Joe, Hunter, and Jim Biden.

If the foregoing is not enough to condemn the DOJ and FBI for selective and unwarranted application of the law, let us consider the events surrounding the discovery of Ashley Biden’s diary by a Florida couple and the involvement of the FBI in pursuing the couple. Regardless of the validity of the facts surrounding the diary, we Americans have a right to know why the FBI were involved in the recovery and prosecution of the couple who claimed the diary was hidden under a mattress in a halfway house where Ashely was recovering from drug and sexual addiction, or why the FBI raided the home of James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and searched for the diary. It seems the diary was of particular importance to Joe because of salacious content and allegation of sexual misconduct by Joe. Whether this is true and regardless of the way the diary came into the hands of the couple, nothing in the controlling events comes under the authority of the FBI.  At least we learned with certainty that all Ashleys are not equal. You will remember that Ashley Babbitt was murdered on January 6th by a black policeman. And, although the FBI have hounded hundreds of demonstrators from that day, nothing has been done to pursue or charge the cold-blooded murderer of Ashley Babbitt. This is just another case of the DOJ and FBI selective enforcement of the law, acting as the democrats and Biden’s personal police force. It is another example of justice as interpreted and enforced by The American Gestapo.

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