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Merrick Garland a Creature of the Swamp

The raid on President Trump’s residency in Florida yesterday by the FBI is a day that will live in infamy in the annals of presidential politics. When it comes time to drain the swamp, Merrick Garland must be the first to go.

A few months ago, I published a post on Patriot Bugler in which I stated that Merrick Garland, the mealy-mouthed unprincipled little puke heading the Department of Justice, was the most dangerous man in America. That was because he had issued a directive in which he labelled parents of school children as white supremacist and right-wing conspirators because they protested the brainwashing of their children by schoolteachers and administrators. The latest cowardly act by this petty excuse for a cabinet member was to authorize the raid on President Donald Trump’s Florida home. We all can feel assured that this latest attempt to strip President Trump of his last vestige of dignity was conceived and approved at the highest levels of government including Susan Rice, Ron Klain, and the doddering old fool who sits at the president’s desk in the White House. (It might also have been cleared with Barack Hussein Obama, the only America-hating president ever to hold office). We also know that the unprincipled Christopher Wray approved the order given to the thirty FBI agents who roamed at will through Trump’s home. This unprecedented raid shows that an unchecked Merrick Garland, with the assistance of Christopher Wray, can send their FBI hounds after any one of us.

The actions taken by Garland and Wray had nothing to do with alleged wrongdoing by Trump but are intended to damage him and keep him from running for the presidency in 2024. It will not work. It will only enhance his position and make republican voters more determined than ever to see him elected again. Before yesterday, I had considered supporting someone other than Trump for the republican nomination, not because I did not support his policies, but because I believed it was time to quell the noise now roiling in our public dialogue. No longer! No longer! Enough is enough. If Biden and his gang of misfits and left-wingers want a fight, they damn sure will get one. I and others like me will fight tooth and nail to see that Trump gets elected. When he does, I cannot wait to hear the words “You are fired” to Christopher Wray and every other career government employee who has sucked from the public tit for far too long.

The FBI was corrupted by the haughty Jim Comey who worked with another crooked attorney general, Loretta Lynch, by excusing the publicly exposed crimes of Hillary Clinton. You may recall that while the investigation of Hillary was going on, Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona. You will also recall they supposedly talked only about grandchildren for an hour. Shortly after giving Comey his orders, the attorney general recused herself from the investigation and deferred to Comey for dispensation of justice. Dutifully, Comey, utilizing his superior intellect, found a means to let Hillary off the hook. Contrast this with the outrageous raid on President Trump’s home. You will also remember that Comey was elbow deep in the four-year long Russian conspiracy. It is obvious that Wray picked up the mantle from Comey and is continuing to do all he can to protect the swamp creatures in Washington, D.C. They are scared as hell of the possibility of another Trump presidency, which they have now assured by their outrageous actions yesterday.

It is not as if the FBI and the DOJ have nothing else to do. Garland and Wray need to look no further than the oval office to see the godfather of the Biden crime family, which has amassed millions of dollars in illegal funds from foreign countries, including China and Russia. Yet, Biden and family go unmolested. The FBI have been in custody of Hunter Biden’s computer for more than two years, having hidden it and shielding Biden during the 2020 elections. They ignored the burning, looting, and attacks on police and government property in the summers of 2020 and 2022; they were too busy prosecuting our police officers with fallacious charges of civil rights violations. They failed to investigate or follow obvious leads that would prove the presidency was stolen by Biden and the democrats. Anyone who doubts this assertion should see the movie, 2000 Mules. The public has seen excerpts from Hunter’s computer showing him buying cocaine and engaging prostitutes. The FBI have done nothing to prosecute Hunter for these crimes and the illegal possession of firearms, to say nothing of money laundering and tax evasion. Black-on-Black crime in the inner cities is killing and maiming hundreds of young men and others every week. Snatch and grab criminals are openly robbing merchants of millions of dollars of valuable merchandise every day. While the FBI agents storm Trump’s home, crime is rampant in our streets while Garland and Wray do nothing.

My message to Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Christopher Wray is that you must use available resources to make Americans safe again. Instead, you chose to let loose your hounds against our choice for president, and you have unleased the fury of freedom-loving Americans all over this country. We are continuing to make our voices heard. We will ardently support Donald J. Trump for president. We will be watching the voting precincts in 2022 and 2024. We will demand that mail-in votes be carefully monitored and submitted by only qualified registered voting citizens of this country. We will demand that voting drop boxes be banned. If some are not, we will monitor every remaining drop box for 24 hours on voting day and night. You will not discourage us. You will not keep Donald Trump from being elected. You will not be allowed to destroy the country we love. You have only made us more determined.

We are ready to drain the swamp, starting with Merrick Garland.

Another Federal Government Lynching

Get ready for another federally approved government lynching of white police officers who were just trying to do their duty when they killed Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky in the spring of 2020. Even though a grand jury failed to indict the officers involved, Merrick Garland’s justice department recently charged four officers with the violation of Taylor’s civil rights. This gimmick for violating the rules against double jeopardy is like that used by Garland’s DOJ to charge the officers who were present when the thug and habitual criminal George Floyd died of a drug overdose while in police custody. Four officers in Minnesota are now facing civil rights charges in that railroading of officers. It is not enough that both the families of Taylor and Floyd were made wealthy in the payment of millions of dollars by hard working taxpayers; these were nothing more than payoffs to BLM and hush money to quell the riots.

The facts surrounding the killing of Taylor do not matter to Garland. Taylor just happened to be harboring her boyfriend, a known drug dealer, in her apartment when officers attempted to arrest him. The officers knocked on Taylor’s door and announced themselves. The boyfriend fired through the closed door, injuring one police officer. The officers returned massive fire, killing Taylor who was standing behind the drug dealer. The officers were charged with murder for returning fire, but the grand jury failed to indict. The boyfriend was charged with attempted murder, but charges against him were dropped.

It is no wonder that marauding gangs of blacks have taken over our large cities. They are attacking people in the streets and have declared open season on whites and Asians. This assertion does not diminish the tragedy of Black-on-Black killings in our inner cities but is meant to sound the alarm that lawlessness will flourish with insincere, untruthful, sycophants such as Merrick Garland in high places of authority. Whether we can survive two plus years more of Garland and Biden is an open question.

The only thing we can do is make our voices against the injustices of this regime known. We must sound the alarm that if we are to have peace in our streets our police forces must be supported and funded. Their jobs are dangerous enough when they know the public and their superiors have their backs. Without such support, it will be impossible to keep our communities safe. Who in the hell wants to be a police officer when Merrick Garland and the DOJ, not only does not support them, but is waiting for an opportunity to send them to prison for doing their jobs.


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