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May 11, 2022

My Opinion


Democrats Guilty of Crimes against the Nation

It is no wonder that we have so many ignorant rioters demonstrating and threatening the supreme court judges over a leaked draft decision on Roe v Wade. We know that most of them have learned little about our republican form of government, our constitution, including the Bill of Rights. They have never been taught anything positive about our founding or the men who sacrificed so much to provide this country with the best form of government ever conceived by man. I doubt that three-fourths of the rioters can name the three branches of government or distinguish between the senate and the house of representatives. They most certainly do not understand that it is the job of the supreme court to determine whether a law or court decision is constitutional; and when it is not, it is the job of the court to render a decision in that light. Apparently, the court is preparing to issue a decision on Roe v Wade to the effect that the initial supreme court decision was unconstitutional and that abortion is none of the federal government’s business. If that is their determination, they have no course except to say so.

Unfortunately, we have a blithering idiot in the White House who has no ideas of his own, and who has forgotten his past utterances concerning Roe v Wade. Joe has no idea what he says in this regard. He just spouts, to the best of his ability, what he is told to say or reads what someone else puts into his teleprompter. Nonetheless, no matter how mumbled, jumbled, bumbled, and whispered his words are, they are having a malicious effect on the attitude and destructive idiots on the left. Joe has an obligation to realize he is fomenting crimes by endorsing the actions of people who threaten members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Members of congress, in particular Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are participating in this criminality by encouraging the dissenters and rioters to harass the supreme court judges. Chuck Schumer has already committed a crime by standing on the steps of the supreme court and calling out judges by name, telling them that they will reap the whirlwind and that they will not know what hit them. These are not the actions of a sane man and certainly not those of a statesman and respectable U.S. senator. It indicates that Schumer missed a few classes in political science or that he attended Harvard law school. In either case, he is not fit to be a U.S. senator and certainly not Senate Majority Leader. Of course, crazy Nancy is like Joe Biden; she barely knows she is alive; so, perhaps we can forgive the old hag.

It is disturbing that our national leaders are so ignorant and corrupt, that they will do anything to further divide this country and damage the functioning of our government. Their treasonous actions are feeding down to the states and cities and onto our streets where our disinformed left continues the havoc begun two years ago. The most recent city official to commit a crime by threatening the supreme court judges was Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago who stated that their draft decision was a call to arms. She should have already been arrested for those threats.

Biden’s failure to calm the waters of dissent is a grave abdication of his duties as president along with his many other failures to act in accordance with established laws and the U.S. Constitution. It is more than reasonable that this incompetent buffoon should be removed from office, but we all know that cackling Kamala would be worse. Thus, we are stuck with the beneficiary of a stolen national election. But there are other officials who have authority and ability to act in the nation’s best interest. The problem is that they lack the decency and courage to do so.

Where is Attorney General Merrick Garland when these crimes are being committed, when thugs and misinformed brats take to the street, threatening violence? Is he busy issuing more directives to pursue parents and purveyors of disinformation as determined by the new Disinformation Guidance Board Czar? Is he through chasing down the trespassers of January 6th? Is he busy finding ways to shield crooked Joe and his family from the fallout of Hunter’s pornographic computer? And where is FBI Director Christopher Raye? He must be breaking down the doors of alleged blue-collar criminals or still charging into the homes of those dastardly demonstrators at the national capitol. After all, according to Joe Biden, they are the greatest threat to this nation and every national asset must be aimed at destroying them and any mother who fights to keep her child from being brainwashed with CRT and white supremacy garbage. Garland and Raye are too busy to take note of the rioters in our streets threatening our supreme court judges and their innocent families.

We must find ways to limit the damage these elected and appointed enemies of the constitution are doing. We can start by defeating all democrats this fall and in 2024. It is up to us who love this country and the freedoms we cherish.

Perfidy of the Democrat Party

And the Dangers of a Biden Presidency

Every American with half a brain must realize that our country is in deep trouble with the democrats at the helm of the ship of state. They cannot witness the daily news events without shuddering to think that at this perilous moment in our history we are led by incompetent and unscrupulous leaders who will endanger our nation for the sake of power. The assaults on our liberties and the very foundations of this nation are lauded by Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. Two revelations this past fortnight are enough to shake our faith in our republic. For certain, it cannot long exist with the insidious undermining of our founding principles such as we have witnessed recently. I refer to the deliberate perfidy of the democrat supreme court justice or clerk who purloined a copy of a draft decision and leaked it to a left-wing reporter. I also refer to the latest pronouncement of the Biden gang that the Department of Homeland Security will install a Disinformation Governance Board headed by a far-left zealot who defended Hunter Biden’s pornographic computer as a Russian disinformation gimmick.

As I write, court houses around the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC are surrounded by yapping ignoramuses who have no understanding or appreciation for the separation of powers and our republican form of government. It is obvious that they were alerted to the pending unauthorized and unprecedented release of the draft majority opinion affecting Roe v. Wade. Undoubtedly, the release was coordinated with left-wing groups poised to descend on the Supreme Court steps. On signal, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi decried the pending decision, but took no notice of the damage the release did to the Supreme Court as an institution. All three of these unprincipled maggots flailed at the probable decision, which would reverse Roe v Wade but in no way reverse state laws regarding abortion. The left-wing press (the DNC propagandists) dutifully spread the democrat lies. Of course, the cackling hens on The View (a bastion of wisdom and fairness) spouted their uninformed and outrageous views that the decision was racist and would eliminate all manner of freedoms in this country. TV personalities spread such fears while praising the establishment of the Disinformation Governance Board, which is designed to infringe and inhibit freedom of speech.

We were warned months before the 2020 elections that the democrats were planning to steal the elections, and we did nothing to stop them. We cannot allow that to happen for the upcoming mid-term or the presidential election in 2024. The timing of the events discussed above are not coincidental. They were conceived to allow the government to curtail, limit, and prohibit free-speech and to bully the supreme court justices into voting the way democrats wish. We must insist that our political representatives take bold and aggressive action to prevent the democrats from stealing the upcoming elections. We must demand that our supreme court justices stand firm in their decisions, not bending to the mob actions supported by Biden, Pelosi. Schumer, and the left-wing press.

Our nation has never been in such danger since its founding. I have no answers and neither does anyone else. We can vote this fall to reduce the power of the democrats and Biden, but we cannot remove him from office. And we dare not attempt to remove him, by impeachment or the 25th Amendment because we are aware that Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings. We can only hope that our nation is in the hands of God and that this too will pass.

Born without a Chance?

Estimates are that Affirmative Action has cost the American economy between twenty-five and thirty trillion dollars since 1965, most of which has been spent with the intent of bettering lives of American blacks. Not only has the U.S. economy suffered due to Affirmative Action, but our educational institutions and businesses have lowered standards to accommodate and include blacks and other minorities, thereby diminishing our commercial competitiveness around the world. Despite these efforts, we are continually confronted with claims of discrimination and racism in every facet of our daily lives. Most Americans have sought to close the racial divide, and to a large extent we succeeded until the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency. Following the Marxist ideals of his father, Obama was instrumental in fomenting the schism that widens today between the races. And many whites have wrapped themselves in sanctimony and take solace in practicing self-flagellation; they go along with the idea that we are a racist nation and owe reparations to the modern-day descendants of slaves. Supposedly, these blacks have been denied the right to prosper, that, in fact, they were born without a chance, and we now have a duty to make all of them solvent if not wealthy. This is something they label as “equity”, which is a euphemism for getting even with whites.

With the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer gang at the throttles, the reparations train is about ready to leave the station. The first manifestations of this movement are already in motion.  Today, a reparations board is continuing in San Francisco, California to formulate policies and distribution of reparation funds to black Americans. The initial claims to reparations were supposedly limited to direct descendants of American slaves, but, as you might guess, those claims have now evolved to include all blacks. This new assault on our economy in the pursuit of equity is purportedly due to the allegations that all blacks have been denied opportunities to prosper as all other American citizens. Nothing can be further from the truth, for if America has a privileged class today it is American blacks. Many, especially those who support the tenants of Black Lives Matter consider themselves immune from the laws to which all citizens are expected to comport if this country is to have a free society.

No part of the American society truly lives in poverty when compared to the impoverished existences of many people in third-world countries. But the government classifies those who do not have a certain income based on a fixed formula as citizens living below a certain poverty level. According to this measuring stick, approximately 10 million blacks, 11 million Hispanics, and 15 million whites lived in poverty in 2021 in the United States. Yet only blacks are seeking reparations.

Don’t misunderstand me. I greatly admire the many black leaders who stand up against the pressures of BLM and all who support the Marxist efforts of that organization. Many have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and prospered in this great land of opportunity. It does not matter what our beginnings were or how we came to be American citizen; all of us, black, white, brown, or pin-striped, as American citizens, we are the most fortunate people in the world. This country, including those blacks seeking a chance to freeload on the rest of us by claiming their right to reparations, are limited only by their lack of foresight and willingness to strive for better lives. To the detriment of our nation, we have been paying reparations to blacks for the past fifty-five years in the form of Affirmative Action.

My family and many similar poor whites lived in poverty for most of our young lives. My father, and others like him, worked in coal mines from the time they were fourteen years of age. They claimed no rights to free food, free educations, free medical care, or other taxpayer paid benefits. Many, like my father, died at an early age from the ravages of black lung disease. And before my parents’ generation, their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents slaved as dirt farmers to raise families without any assistance from the government. We and our progeny will seek no reparations for the difficulties we have encountered in our lives because we have been fortunate enough to live in a country that offered opportunities to improve our lots. The difference in us and those blacks now seeking reparations is that we faced our hardships and did what we had to do to succeed.

History shows us that many successful people had to overcome hardships to survive. I was touched by a poem that was brought to my attention recently. It was written on February 12, 1809 by Edmond Vance Cooke. It describes the birth of a white baby born into extreme poverty, worse than that faced by slaves at that time. There is a line in the poem that states “Better if he were black, For then he would have a shirt upon his back”. That baby and his family received no government reparations.


by Edmund Vance Cooke

A SQUALID VILLAGE set in wintry mud.
A hub-deep oxcart slowly groans and creaks.
A horseman hails and halts. He shifts his cud
And speaks:

“Well, did you hear? Tom Lincoln’s wife today.
The devil’s luck for folk as poor as they!
Poor Tom! poor Nance!
Poor youngun born without a chance!

“A baby in that Godforsaken den,
That worse than cattle pen!
Well, what are they but cattle? Cattle? Tut!
A critter is beef, hide and tallow, but
Who’d swap one for the critters of that hut?
White trash! small fry!
Whose only instincts are to multiply!
They’re good at that,
And so, today, God wot! another brat!

“Another squawking, squalling, red-faced good-for-naught
Spilled on the world, heaven only knows for what.
Better if he were black,
For then he’d have a shirt upon his back,
And something in his belly, as he grows.
More than he’s like to have, as I suppose.
Yet there be those
Who claim ‘equality’ for this new brat,
And that damned democrat
Who squats today where Washington once sat,
He’d have it that this Lincoln cub might be
Of even value in the world with you and me!

“Yes, Jefferson, Tom Jefferson, who but he?
Who even hints that black men should be free.
That featherheaded fool would tell you maybe
A president might lie in this new baby!
In this new squawker born without a rag
To hide himself! Good God, it makes me gag!
This human spawn
Born for the world to wipe its feet upon
A few years hence, but now
More helpless than the litter of a sow,
And——Oh, well send the womenfolks to see to Nance.

“Poor little devil! born without a chance!”



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