A Sanctimonious Coward Joe Scarborough

December 22, 2023

I have an indelicate question about Joe Scarborough that has haunted me on and off for several months and was heightened by his diatribe against Donald Trump yesterday. That question is: When is someone going to pinch off the head of that despicable little maggot?

What a coward! He sits behind his microphone, bathing in sanctimony, a turncoat republican who abandoned his wife for Meka Brzezinski. He attacks Donald Trump because the man has become the target of every left-wing bigot in the country. Knowing that Trump cannot strike back, Morning Joe exhibits his bravado, which is phony as artificial lobster.

I voted for Donald Trump last election because I certainly would never vote for the insipid, half-witted, thieving Joe Biden who is supported by Scarborough. His support for Biden sufficiently shows us Joe Scarborough is clueless about the damage the socialists are doing to our republic. His attacks on Trump show us he is a schoolyard bully and a blatant coward.

Let me make clear, I do not watch MSNBC ever. I would never have been aware of Scarborough scathing attack on Trump if it had not been rebroadcast on other networks. I had to make the admission that I saw the snippet from yesterday’s broadcast, which caused me to ask the question. And I really do wonder when someone will pinch that little worm’s head right off his shoulders.


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