A Recurring Nightmare

May 7, 2024

Sometimes we need nightmares to awaken us citizens of this nation. And I want to tell readers of a recurring nightmare that I experience often regarding national leadership.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not the choices I might have offered voters if it were my call to make, but it is apparent that one of these men will be elected president in November. I pray to God that it is not Joe Biden, the most corrupt and incompetent president of my long lifetime. I will vote for Donald Trump because I believe he has proven that his ideas for the governing of this country are far superior to those of Biden. As flawed as he might be, Trump loves this nation. We might question his motivations for running for the presidency again, but we should have no doubts about his love of country. On the other hand, there is evidence aplenty that Biden and his family are corrupt, and that Biden is incompetent and mentally deficient.

During the past three and one-half years, our nation has been pushed down a road that will surely lead to our destruction if it is allowed to continue. Our borders no longer exist, and we are overrun by illegal aliens who do not speak our language and hold allegiances to the nations they left. The national debt is out of control and there appears to be no end to wasteful spending, much of it on pie-in-the-sky “climate change” programs. Our military, including our service academies, has been ravaged by wokeism, CRT, and DEI, with officers in leadership positions selected for their political adherence or race rather than qualifications. Inflation continues to rage with groceries, rent, and other goods priced out of sight of people on fixed incomes. Freedom of speech has been attacked and citizens jailed for their thoughts as well as words they have spoken. The Whitehouse and cabinet positions have been filled, based on race, gender, and sexual preferences, not on qualifications or experience. We know that if Joe Biden is re-elected, none of these problems will be resolved.

The possibility that Joe Biden may once again be elected to the presidency is almost incomprehensible given his mental state and inability to campaign. His staff has decided to hide him from the public, ensuring that his rambling and incoherency does not exceed 7 or 8 minutes. His staff surrounds him when he walks on the Whitehouse grounds so the public cannot see how fragile he is. All this indicates that Biden cannot perform duties as president for four additional years. And, so, that is why I have nightmares.

Can you imagine waking up one morning to learn that Kamala Harris is president of The United States of America?



12 responses to “A Recurring Nightmare”

  1. Travis Short says:

    Ditto dad! When I talk to folks I try to remind them of the Jews passively getting on the trains unaware of the gas chambers to come. It is happening to us as Americans today and we too act unaware and passively to our own demise

  2. Daniel Douglas says:

    Agreed 100percent, I am extremely worried about the course that our nation is on.
    I pray that disbite all of Trump’s faults that he wins. I don’t know anyone else that could stand up to what he’s going through with the corrupt DOJ and the corrupt new York district attorney and judge.

  3. Frank Eastland says:

    Well stated! Our nation is in peril under the current Democratic/Uniparty establishment, especially with Joe Biden as their leader. However, by all indicators, the senile Biden is only a figurehead—a puppet. Even if he weren’t in the White House, their policies and course of action wouldn’t change. Today, the only salvation I can see for salvaging our country is to re-elect Donald J. Trump as President. Together, we must defeat the corrupt politicians and their complicit supporters who are, among other things, using Soviet-style weaponization of government to persecute their political opponents.
    When voting, think critically. Vote for policy, NOT personality.

  4. Zane Lassiter says:

    Agree. Well stated. As unfathomable as it seems, likely, millions will vote for Biden, and without holding their collective noses. I’ve yet to come to understand how the deluded and indoctrinated can still vote the Democrat ticket, given this regime’s record.

  5. Bob Orwig says:

    Well spoken, friend. Patriots awake.

  6. Travis Short says:

    Thank you for reading, Bob, and for your support. We must stand tall and be as wise as possible in our collective actions to save this country. See you Wednesday.


  7. Travis Short says:

    Thank you, Zane for supporting the effort to save America.

    Best Regards,

    Travis Short

  8. Travis Short says:

    Thann you, Frank for your reliable support. Your words are comforting, knowing that we have people such as you working hard to save our country.

  9. Travis Short says:

    Thank you, Son. Keep pushing and spreading the alarm that our country is in deep trouble. For your sake and those of our children and grandchildren, I hope our actions today will help put us back on the right track to freedom and patriotism.



  10. Travis Short says:

    Thank you, Dan. We need more patriots like you to carry the banner. Let’s hope that our efforts today will help get our country back to freedom and patriotism before too late. I appreciate your support for this website.

    Best Regards,


  11. Daniel Douglas says:

    Keep up the fight, we have to prevail
    This is a crisis and so many people haven’t got any idea how dangerous it is. We must win

  12. Mary says:

    Thank you, Travis, for once again reminding me of why I continue to pray and work to restore this great country. My worse nightmare is similar to yours. Mine ends with M. Obama residing in the people’s house. UGH! It is incomprehensible that Miss giggle pants (K.H.) would occupy the White House. I think we would have a rebellion.
    We’re getting some help finally from the state legislature in regard to beefing up security and tightening procedures for absentee voting. It should make it harder for cheating. Never-the-less, we will diligently observe up close all the work being done by our Supervisor and Board of Elections staff. Having worked with them since 2014, I believe they are above board and we are very fortunate to have them.

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