Biden Is Destroying Our Nation

January 2, 2024

There are so many things to be upset about in our country under hapless Joe Biden. We can start with his attack on the oil and gas industry, his bungling of the shameless Afghanistan withdrawal, his meandering policies that has sucked us right into the middle of the Ukraine/Russian endless war, the selling of America through his crime family, the worst inflation seen in forty years and the burgeoning, out of control national debt, the destruction of the greatest military in the world due to his social engineering among our troops, his destruction of effective military leadership by his appointments of politically correct, sycophantic officers instead of real warriors to lead our troops, his promotion of DEI and CRT in all departments of our government and armed forces, the savaging of our national oil reserves. and his dictatorial policies controlling the very appliances we may install or use in our own homes, his wasting of billions of dollars, given to his green-energy donors (we have seen this game played before under Barack Hussein Obama). But nothing has been as damaging to our nation as his policies at our southern (and now our northern) border.

More illegal aliens than the entire population of New Jersey have crossed into our country since Biden took office. The Biden government is planning to issue ID cards to millions of illegals to allow them to access social and medical programs that are mostly unavailable or unaffordable for many of our poor and middle-income families. It has already happened in California where citizens will fork over $3.1B annually for healthcare for illegals. The next move by Biden will be to find a means to secure their votes for the democrat party; no doubt their purpose for not stopping the influx of illegals is to overwhelm the republican voters with illegal votes of the invading hoards from the south and from around the world.

Biden flouts his imaginary successes under an undefined economic program he calls “Biden omics”. Apparently, he is proud of the fact that his inflationary actions will cause home buyers to pay $150,000 in additional interest for a home with a 30-year mortgage, and at least 30% real inflation at the grocery store, making it impossible for many parents to properly feed their families. He brags about the creation of new jobs, not admitting that the greatest growth in employment is in social services and health industry (57.6%), principally due to the outrageous importation of destitute illegals into our country. Nearly all job growth in the state of New York is due to these industries.

It is government’s job to protect our nation to carry out the precepts of the U. S. Constitution. It is the president’s job to protect our people. Biden has failed in every way possible to do the job for which he is alleged to have been elected. Our government, headed by an idiotic puppet, is failing its citizens. It is time for Americans of all creeds, color, race, or ethnicity to rise and demand that Biden declare a National Emergency at our southern border and in our cities, small and large, being overrun by illegal people from only God knows where and their true numbers. Enough of Biden’s stupidity and failures.


5 responses to “Biden Is Destroying Our Nation”

  1. Daniel Douglas says:

    Spot on Travis, Happy New Year, Pray for peace and good health

  2. Bob Orwig says:

    Excellent. Well said.

  3. Mark Page says:

    Couldn’t agree more, people are waking up, let’s just hope that the demoncrats, which I’m sure they will try, stop the election altogether with some type of fake disaster, or they call in the minions such as antifa and blm to ravage our cities and declare marshal law and no election will be held, this will give them another four years to complete the destruction of our country.

  4. Gary B Hulsey says:

    This ought be carried in a widely-read newspaper. Covers our condition well. “…rise and demand….” Here’s the problem. First, gross apathy out there. What would happen to those willing to protest at GA capitol and DC? Movie coming out – Civil War. We don’t know the level of power of the cabal behind Biden. We know the apathy locally. Elections, County, and City given info on Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates, aka Nullification. Presentation was courteously tolerated, but no interest displayed. GA General Assembly apparently won’t touch SOS Raffensperger and the State Election Board (SEB). Where do we go from here?

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