February 10, 2024

Let’s face it, some people are just brighter than others, a fact that DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), another lamebrain idea from the left, ignores. And this country and most other countries achieved greatness by the ascendance of the best and brightest to the top in all facets of society. I admit that not all bright people succeed, and not all people with lesser intelligence fail. Determination, dedication, and persistence are significant factors as well; and combined with excellent or exceptional intelligence, they almost always assure success.

Most of us, throughout our lives, have heard the adage “The Cream Always Rises to the Top”, a way of acknowledging that the Best and Brightest are essential to the continuing progress of mankind, and particularly our nation. Another name for this is “meritocracy”, which has led to great achievements in business, science, academia, warfare, medicine, religion, literature, et. al.  Now, proponents of DEI wish to destroy the very foundations of a great nation by denying this truth.

We patriots continue to resist the concept of DEI, and, as of this past week, we might have a glimmer of hope that sanity will once again prevail. DI is being challenged by a few Wall Street magnates and company executives who have regained some semblance of reality. The Court of the land has handed down recent decisions that reaffirm the intent of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. DEI is discriminatory. Another story reported that some IVY League schools have reinstituted the requirement or option of using SAT and ACT scores in their consideration for admission. The report indicated that even though some test results are lower than past scores, they still are indicators that the brightest high school students are not being selected for enrolment. Hurray for Meritocracy.

Let me propose another concept that is fair to all and good for the nation. It is the concept of DEE (Dedication, Exceptionalism, and Exclusion). Here is how it works:

Dedication – The first requirement for hiring, promotion, acceptance in college or business, assignment to positions requiring specific skills, etc. should be dedication to excellence. Intelligence and dedication will lead to exceptionalism, essential to science, medicine, academia, and positions requiring specialized skills or education.

Equality – All citizens of the United States are equal and entitled to succeed in liberty to the best of their abilities.

Exclusion – Anyone not meeting minimum requirements for admission to schools, employment in positions critical to public safety, including medicine, aircraft pilots, military special forces, air traffic controllers, firefighters, teachers, and hundreds of other skilled positions must be excluded. People who do not possess the physical or mental requirements to perform certain tasks must be excluded. The best and the brightest must be given first consideration. No one should be excluded or given favor based on race, creed, religion, sexual orientation; to consider such criteria is illegal.

To argue against these ideas is to argue against our free society. We should embrace DEE, not DEI.


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