Lady Justice, Hang Your Head in Shame

June 21, 2023

While January sixth political prisoners rot away in the Washington D.C. gulag, the piece of human dung by the name of Hunter Biden walks away with a slap on the hand for offenses that would put any other poor slob in prison for years. And we all know why. The Justice Department, under the sycophantic, anemic Merrick Garland, admits that Hunter failed to report at least $3M as income and illegally obtained a firearm. The reason is clear: he did not want to reveal the source of that money because it would lead directly to the demented old fool now pretending to be president. Sources from inside Ukraine allegedly have proof that the Biden crime syndicate received as much as $20M while lunch-bucket Joe was Vice President, all of it going to phony bank accounts of various Biden family members.

Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray unabashedly hound, pursue, and persecute President Donald Trump. Their storm troopers have knocked down the doors of former Trump acquaintances and supporters in the middle of the night, shackled them, and sent them before their liberal judges for hanging. But nothing like that happened to Hunter. The DOJ sent him an invitation for dinner and drinks, then asked him to tell the department how they might accommodate him by agreeing to a plea bargain. Poor Hunter was a victim, deserving of love and understanding—no Washington Gulag for him.

Our country has suffered many outrages and faced many dangers. But there have never been such dangers to our liberty as we now face under the disastrous and corrupt Biden regime. With the weasel Garland heading the DOJ helm and Christopher Wray leading the gestapo, no conservative or defender of the Bill of Rights is safe. A two-tier justice system now exists. If you do not support the corrupt administration and the gang of misfits running Washington D.C., you cannot escape the claws of the FBI henchmen. The charges against Donald Trump and the exoneration of Hunter Biden are evidence of that. The system is broken. Lady Justice is no longer blind, she is cross-eyed. She should hang her head in shame.



2 responses to “Lady Justice, Hang Your Head in Shame”

  1. Daniel Douglas says:

    Agreed 100percent, we’re in deep shit unless the conservative republicans can wake up and fight just as dirty as the democrats thanks Travis
    Regards, Dan

  2. Gary B Hulsey says:

    Correctly stated, sir. Clearly a 2-tiered justice system. I suggest all your readers go to site, Straightline Logic, and read Robert Gore’s current article, Ants at the Picnic, parts 1 and 2. Your descriptions of the usurpers in office are excellent…and gratifying.

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