Our Time Is Running Out

January 22, 2024

I ran this post about eighteen months ago. I believe it is worth considering again. Some of my friends have no doubt that Joe Biden will be defeated next November, but I am not so confident. The results of the 2022 midterm elections should cause all patriotic Americans great concern about the upcoming presidential and congressional elections. This country cannot survive another four ears of the most inept, corrupt, and deceitful man ever to occupy the Whitehouse, especially if he has a democrat senate and house to do his bidding. Plese read the following and comment.

There are so many unwise, immoral, unpatriotic, unlawful, and maleficent goings-on in our country today. They make me wake up in the middle of the night, fearing for our nation, wondering if we can recover from the depths into which we have fallen these past few years, and feeling helpless because, with the current national leadership, there is so little I or any other patriotic American can do to change the downward spiral of our nation. Our hopes should reside in the younger generations to make things better. But they have been brainwashed and misled to hate their country. They know nothing of our founding. They have been taught nothing about how our government is supposed to function. We have an illiterate and ignorant electorate, especially among our young. There is little hope that we can expect those coming after us to pick up the gauntlet and correct this nation’s course. We, who care and who have defended her in the past, must set things right before handing the United States over to those who will follow us. Our time is running out.

The greatest task facing us is how to survive as a nation with the incompetent, deceitful, and malicious Biden administration in charge. Biden, at his best, was an ineffective life-long politician, sucking from the public tit, lining his pockets and those of his family members for nearly fifty years. Now he is a fumbling, bumbling, nasty old man who hardly knows he is alive. To make matters worse, he has surrounded himself with people with no experience and no comprehension of the problems facing this nation from every direction. They are even more incompetent than a befuddled Joe Biden, and many of them hate this country. It is highly doubtful that Biden will be able to complete his only term as president. If we had a competent vice president, one with half a brain, we might push for the invocation of the twenty-fifth amendment. But that thought is too horrible to comprehend with cackling Kamala Harris waiting in the wings.

Jimmy Carter had his “national malaise”, but he was not evil, just inept. Joe Biden is corrupt, unprincipled, inept, and a useful idiot for those with whom he as surrounded himself. He has fomented a “national disgrace and gestapo tyranny”. It starts with his attorney general, Merrick Garland. It feeds down to the FBI, headed by Christopher Wray, who has proven to be Biden’s and Garland’s hatchet man. Under his direction the FBI raids the homes of political opponents, creating an atmosphere of lawlessness for criminals, district attorneys, and government prosecutors.

The other day, I cringed watching a news brief in which a black lieutenant governor decried our nation’s founding as being flawed from its beginning, claiming that America has always been a racist nation. Like most bigots of his ilk, he harkens back to the three-fifths clause of the constitution, failing to realize that clause was anti-slavery, limiting the congressional representation of the southern slave states. The constitution was hammered out by representatives of states holding diverse views, and many compromises were made to produce the document which is central to our freedoms and form of government. It was comprised with a central belief that slavery would reach an end in this country. Thankfully, its end came to pass, and today, all Americans have equal rights and opportunities. But this view is not propagated by Biden and his corrupt gang of misfits and Wokers. They, like the misinformed lieutenant governor mentioned above, prefer to sow discontent for political purposes. They prefer to pick at a sore, once healed, but reopened by Obama and now festering.

We watched on television, the assault by a black man against a white store clerk who defended himself by fatally stabbing his attacker. The clerk was arrested, charged with second degree murder, and thrown into solitary confinement on Riker’s Island. The girlfriend of the attacker participated in the assault of the clerk and stabbed him three times. The black district attorney has not charged the woman even though her crimes are on video.

District attorneys throughout the United States are harassing and prosecuting white conservatives. Three nights ago, a group of whites who defaced a Pride display were arrested and charged for vandalism. For more than a year, BLM destroyed stores, attacked police and government buildings, and gangs of malcontents tore down statues of our national heroes, but nothing was done by prosecutors. Marauding black gangs have ravaged stores, openly stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise, but no arrests are being made. Murders are taking place on our streets every night without legal consequences. Biden is quick to call for confiscation of legal weapons from law-abiding citizens but does nothing to curtail crime in our streets. Many people, charged with simple trespassing on January 6th, still languish in the dungeons of Washington, D.C.  after more than eighteen months. All this is taking place while our illustrious attorney general warns us of the dangers of parents who give a damn about the garbage being taught to our children in their local schools.

These are just a few of the things that keep me awake at night. I morn for the country I once knew. We have so many qualified, intelligent, educated, patriotic people who could be serving as president, but we have inherited a stumbling, bumbling idiot who surrounds himself with stumbling, bumbling, unqualified misfits. Perhaps I could sleep if I could be confident, we will get through the next two and one-half years without losing what remains of our freedoms or that our armed forces, also led by idiots, will be able to protect this country. The midterm elections this November are essential to our survival as a nation. We must curtail the political power of the democrats and keep Biden in the White House basement until we can replace him with a patriot as president. But our time is, indeed, running out.


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