Robert De Niro Dumb Fokker

May 30, 2024

I used to believe Robert De Niro was an outstanding actor. He made some great movies, including “The Deer Hunter” and” Taxi”. But when his youth and talents faded, he began to make contrived and pointless films. A few years ago, along with Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman, he starred in a thing called Meet the Fokkers (an obvious play on the F word). There was also a sequel to Meet the Fokkers, but I haven’t bothered to ascertain the title to that work of art. To say that Mr. De Niro’s performances in recent years have been unimpressive would be an understatement. Like most fading actors, Mr. De Niro believes that what he has to say is important and will do anything or say anything to remain in the limelight. That includes doing Joe Biden’s bidding by standing on the courthouse steps while vociferously denouncing Donald Trump during closing arguments and accusing him of seeking reelection with the intent of never leaving office. But we all know the asinine words spoken by De Niro are not his own even though he is perfectly capable of making an ass of himself. Someone else always writes his lines. This time, Biden’s handlers provided the script, which, in Biden fashion, De Niro stumbled through. His rants are evidence that, not only are De Niro’s successful acting days behind him, but that he is also a Dumb Fokker.

5 responses to “Robert De Niro Dumb Fokker”

  1. Mark Page says:

    I saw the so called speech by Mr. DeNiro, only one thing to say, stick to your day job, he couldn’t even handle a heckler that challenged him or the car alarm blaring in the background. Someone please tell me what’s up with the mask, is he trying to hide his identity or virtue signaling to his minions. To be honest nobody care what these elites think or say except of course the indoctrinated public that are few and far between, Robert just do us all a favor and shut the f**k up.

  2. Travis Short says:

    Thanks, Mark. You almost said it, and I wouldn’t have minded.

  3. Philippe says:

    Yep, it was revealing to see Robert De Niro out there in NYC. He must have been flown in for that express purpose to appear relevant in current affairs. I don’t recall asking anyone about what Robert thought about anything political, last I checked I thought we relied on football players for political advice, or was it baseball, I can’t remember. What I say is I would have much preferred Taylor Swift’s ranting against someone, oh wait, no – that is her latest album.

    At least for those of us who are politically aware, we can tell the merits of the trial must be pretty thin, if the best they can do is bring out Robert De Niro to comment about it!

  4. Zane Lassiter says:

    Love your observations and summary. I’ve seen several clips of DeNero moronically attacking Trump. Sounds like an obsession. I wouldn’t doubt that DeNero has a deep-seated fear of rejection and abandonment indicative of a sad and psychologically flawed individual. He needs to go ahead and check-in at the old actors home.

  5. Travis Short says:

    At my age, I fear talk of the Old Soldiers Home, but certainly appreciate your observations. Thank you so much for your comments.

    Best Regards,


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