Stand Up for Our Nation’s Founders

September 24, 2023

A couple of evenings ago, I saw on the news that the New York City Council is renewing its campaign to demolish and deface more American historical monuments, including our founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as well as the beloved Abraham Lincoln. The council also wants to destroy the monument of Christopher Columbus. It made me wonder if any one of the vacuous and prejudiced members had half the courage of Columbus when he sailed his three vessels to an unknown destination. Most learned people of his era believed his ships would sail over the edge of the earth. That idea is ludicrous today, but in 1492 when Columbus sailed to discover a western route to India, it took courage, much more courage than the cowards who now wish to destroy his image.

The efforts to cripple our nation by tearing down monuments, delegitimizing our founders, rewriting our history, and inculcating our school children and college students with anti-American ideas are not confined to New York City. It is prevalent all over this nation especially in academia and our major corporations who have swallowed whole the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. What makes this effort by the leaders of NYC so unfathomable is the fact that their city is crumbling, overrun by rats and illegals from around the world, and terrorized by criminals who go unpunished. The idiots on the council and Mayor Eric Adams lack the intellect or courage to face reality and try to solve the problems of a great city in decline. No, they prefer to save their jobs by appeasing disgruntled leftists who wish to silence true patriots by denying them free speech and destroying the symbols of our democracy. Tearing down monuments is just another way to emphasize their power while we do nothing to resist.

It strikes me as ironic that our country now has the best informed but most ignorant population since the birth of this nation. Thank God, ingenious men, with superior intellect lived in the eighteenth century to create the most unique and best form of government ever conceived by man—as Abraham Lincoln called it at Gettysburg, “that government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” His plea that it should not perish from this earth is in jeopardy. Fools at all levels of government want to ignore historic norms and embrace ideas foreign to a free society. They will succeed unless we patriots accept the gauntlet once held by our forefathers. We must stand up for freedom and decency. We must fight efforts to destroy symbols of our proud past. If we allow destruction of its history, we will ensure the destruction of our great nation. Honor for our national heroes and wise founders is essential to the continuing existence of our nation. We must make our voices heard to ensure our founders and those who have served to defend America receive the honor they so clearly deserve.



5 responses to “Stand Up for Our Nation’s Founders”

  1. Gary B Hulsey says:

    Brilliantly stated. I’m sharing, particularly with young folks. Someone much smarter than I said that once we destroy our history, our nation will quickly slide into oblivion.

    When the destroyers started removing Civil War artifacts, I knew that was only the beginning.

  2. Mark Page says:

    Once again Travis you hit the nail on the head, our country is slowly being destroyed through our youth in our education system, they are being breed to hate our country and everything they stand for, if the revolt comes I hope they go after academia first, then maybe we can piece it back together.

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