Time to Free Derek Chauvin

December 2, 2023

A policeman by the name of Derek Chauvin, who tried to do his duty, was thrown into prison by Biden’s federal government and the state of Minnesota for 22 years to appease blood thirsty BLM supporters who rampaged and burned Minneapolis. Too bad George Floyd died while in Derek’s custody, but Chauvin didn’t kill him. Floyd died due to a lethal concoction of illegal drugs in his system. Because an “expert witness” can be paid enough to testify to anything in court, the state and feds were able to convince a biased jury that Dereck Chauvin was responsible for the death of Floyd. This “expert” testimony prevailed despite considerable evidence that George Floyd killed himself by wilfully filling his gargantuan body with drugs.

You may recall Biden’s sanctimony and glee when he inserted himself into an ongoing trial by his public statements condemning Derek Chauvin. Biden made his statements while lying to Americans about his own thievery and that of his drug-infested, low-life son who was riding on Airforce One and being protected by the Secret Service. But we know Mr. Chauvin received no such protection. That is why he was carved up by a fellow prisoner earlier this week. Although officials have not revealed the race of Derek’s attacker, we can only assume he was black. If the roles had been reversed, we most certainly would have learned of a white-on-black attempted murder—would we not?

If Derek Chauvin survives, this will not be the last attempt on his life, and someone will eventually kill him. He is nothing more than fodder, sacrificed to the same crowd who pleaded “give us Barabas” while calling for the blood of Jesus Christ. To rub salt into the wounds, Minneapolis paid Floyd’s family $27 Million. Based on what? His earning potential? His contributions to society? If that were so, his family would have been paid $27, not millions.

While Derek Chauvin struggles to survive, the Biden crime family, including the stalwart Hunter Biden, live like royalty, never giving thought to the devastation reined on a policeman who tried to do his duty and his family. He is much more deserving of his freedom than the Biden’s who connived to sell America down the drain for thirty pieces of silver. Joe Biden is too unconscious and unconscionable to accept any responsibility for the butchering of Derek Chauvin. But being dumb and without decency is no excuse for his celebrating the incarceration and almost certain death of Derek Chauvin. Biden and the citizens of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis all have this man’s blood on their hands.

It is time to free Derek Chauvin. He has suffered enough for a crime he did not commit.




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