We Need Warriors Not Weirdoes

May 6, 2023

The modern U.S. Navy does not resemble the one I served for twenty-two years, and which I loved and held in the highest regard. I was appalled when our current leaders instituted a training video suggesting and, in some cases, requiring the use of approved pronouns, even to the point of excluding such horrible terms as “mother” and “father”. I never dreamed it could be worse, but little did I know that as the pronoun idiocy was taking place, we had an active-duty Petty Officer 2nd Class by the name of Joshua Kelley, performing as drag queen, Harpy Daniels, for his shipmates and being promoted to the public as a recruiting tool. That is just what our country needs—ships manned (or womaned) by crews of the mentally disturbed, wearing blond wigs and prancing around like erogenous porn stars. I know that idea will bring fear to the hearts of the Chinese and others who understand why a strong military really exists. It is to protect and defend and destroy when necessary. It is not and should not be a social experiment. It should not make members of our armed forces ashamed to serve. We need warriors, not weirdoes.

During the past few days, I have received messages from officers and sailors with whom I served; they are as outraged as I. All of them, without exception, have sworn they have lost allegiance to the service of which they once proudly served. If the powers to be continue the dangerous paths they are taking to bolster recruitment, which is woefully below that needed to maintain current manning, they are sadly mistaken as will be evidenced by shrinking re-enlistments and the ability to hire real warriors for service in the armed forces. I have faith that there are enough men, who do not wear dresses, to meet recruitment goals. It will happen when the Army, Navy, and Air Force, once again expect men to act like men. Nothing I say here should be interpreted to criticize or detract from the service of our great women in the armed forces. But when it comes to warfare, testosterone isn’t something to be scorned.

Sadly, nothing is going to change, and things will continue to get worse under current leadership, starting with feckless Joe Biden. We must first rid ourselves of the plague he has brought upon our nation. When he is gone, we must ensure that General Milley, Admiral Gilday, and the secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro, are ridden out of town on poles. These are the people principally responsible for making our Navy the laughingstock of the world.

God save our country from these fools. God save our Navy.


2 responses to “We Need Warriors Not Weirdoes”

  1. Gary B Hulsey says:

    Despicable, as you describe. I would include Sec Austin along with Thoroughly Modern Millie. Of course, this depraved (counter culture, social justice, et al) culture has been propagated throughout our society. Many are oblivious, some knowledgeable but apathetic, some fearful of uttering any word of opposition, and some are content to let others take up the mantle of truth and opposition. With the depravity embedded in academia, big business, entertainment industry, and government, the fight must be forceful and relentless. Much spiritual warfare will be required to dislodge Baal, other demonic forces, and Lucifer himself from Washington DC and from the remainder of our nation.

  2. Bob Orwig says:

    Well said, Travis.

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